Implementing Standardized Colors for Patient Alert Wristbands

September 4, 2008 A T A G LANCE Implementing Standardized Colors for Patient Alert Wristbands The Issue: America's hospitals are committed to delivering safe care.


Wristband Toolkit - Get on the Bandwagon

If our facility does not currently use wristbands, do we have to implement them, or can we use our own tools? A. If your organization has not adopted colored-coded alert wristbands, it is not necessary for your hospital to adopt them now, although adopting the color-coded system is recommended.


Color-coded Wristband Standardization in Minnesota

Color-coded Wristband Standardization in Minnesota 3 "Patient safety is a top priority" learned that though there is limited, or lack thereof, research indicating how standardizing color coded wristbands impacts patient safety, experience from other states indicate that there have not been ...


Color-coded Patient Alert Wristband Standardization

Make sure alert wristbands reflect the current medical conditions of patients.  Assign clinical staff members responsibility for checking, applying and removing color-coded wristbands.  Upon admission to a hospital and during initial assessment of patients, apply patient alert wristbands ...



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Washington State Hospital Association Standardization of ...

“Zero errors that affect patient’s health” Washington State Hospital Association . Standardization of Color-Coded Wristbands in Washington Implementation Toolkit


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