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WRAT 3: WIDE RANGE ACHIEVEMENT TEST 1 by Gary S. Wilkinson (version 3, published by the Psychological Corporation, 1993) Reviewed by Giselle Parker North West Disability Service Team PO Box 313 Bolton BL1 1FW Tel: 01204 51 6437 FORMAT The test comprises: • Manual • Test form - the WRAT 3 has ...


Description of Measure

Wide Range Achievement Test: WRAT3, Blue Version Wilkinson, G. (1993) Description The WRAT 3 is a widely used instrument designed to assess an individual's basic academic coding skills necessary to learn reading, spelling, and arithmetic.


Background to the WRAT

Background to the WRAT The Wide Range Achievement Test was first published in 1946. It was originally developed by the psychologist Joseph Jastak to provide information on aspects of word recognition, spelling and arithmetic which would complement measures of cognitive ability being developed by ...


Low Literate Individuals

Reading Level The Reading Recognition subtest of the Wide Range Achievement Test -Version 3, WRAT-3 (Wilkinson, 1993) was administered to assess reading level.



TESTS ADMINISTERED DATE Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test (Bender Gestalt) 10/19/01 Wide Range Achievement Test - Revision 3, Blue Form (WRAT-3) ...


WRAT-3 - supplementary information and infant norms

page 1 WRAT-3: supplementary information Different types of score For each form of the Wide Range Achievement Test - 3 rd edition 1 test - Blue, Tan and Red - standard scores are given opposite each raw score.


WRAT4 (Wide Range Achievement Test 4)

Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT4) Gary S. Wilkinson, PhD and Gary J. Robertson, PhD The WRAT4 is the latest offering in a test series first published in 1946.


Cognitive Testing For Children - MEC Interviewer Manual

1.4 Testing Protocol for Administration of the WRAT-R 1.4.1 Introduction to the WRAT-R The WideRange Achievement Test (WRAT) ... 2.3.3 WRAT-RArithmetic The automation of the WRAT-RArithmetic subtest provides only for scoring and data entry.


Psychological Tests: A

... c. 1-25 • 000167-D. WRAT 3 Blue Spelling • 000167-E. WRAT 3 Tan Spelling • 000167-F. WRAT 3 Blue Test Scores, c. 1-25 • 000167-G. WRAT 3 Tan Test Scores, ...


Title: Wide Range Achievement Test-Revised (WRAT-R)

EDICT BackPack Title: Wide Range Achievement Test-Revised (WRAT-R) Reviewer recommended resource Contact Information Wide Range, Inc. 15 Ashley Place, Suite 1A Wilmington, Delaware 19804-1314 Tel: 302-652-4990 Abstract The Wide Range Achievement Test-Revised (WRAT-R) is commonly used in ...


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