Dowsing Water

Geological Survey is The Divining Rod, A History of Water Witching, by A. J . Ellis, published as USGS Water-Supply Paper 416 in 1917 and reprinted in 1957. This report contains detailed information and includes references to several hundred papers on the use of the divining rod and related subjects.


Grave Dowsing Reconsidered

Raloff, Janet 1995 Dowsing Expectations: New Reports Reawaken Scientific Controversy over Water Witching. Science News 148 (6):90-93. Randi, James 1979 A Controlled Test of Dowsing Abilities.


From Witching to Wells

Geological Survey and Resource Assessment Division fact sheet number 17 6/2002 From Witching to Wells In anger Moses struck a rock with his staff and water gushed forth (Numbers 20:9-11).


Witching - a confounding subject much deeperthan most

By Pete Koenig 106 THE KANSAS LIFELINE July 2006 here's that water line? Where's the gas line? Heck, where are the valves? The who's, what's and where's of our world have been the bane of existence since before Benjamin Franklin first wondered "what will this key do if tied to a kite," and since ...


Dowsing ("Witching"): Is It Real or Superstition?

*Nebraska by Heart Handout 2.*2 Dowsing Articles Folk Arts • Traditional Arts • Folklife Curriculum Unit • Grades 6-8 nebraskafolklife.org Dowsing ("Witching"): Is It Real or Superstition?


Let’s Talk Water – Dowsing or Water Witching

Let's Talk Water - Dowsing or Water Witching Let’s Talk Water – Dowsing or Water Witching



People have given WATER WITCHING better sounding names, but a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing is STILL a wolf. A cake that contains arsenic will kill you no matter how


The Truth about Water Witching

Cross Section Volume 1 (2007) http://dewey.weber.edu/crossection/ The Truth about Water Witching David Wood, Department of Geosciences, Weber State University Abstract : The centuries old practice of "water witching" is put to a test in this experiment.


The Witching Hour Mark Elsberg, 290886{2271, mael

The process of making The Witching Hour Mark Elsberg, 290886{2271, mael Rasmus Bille Fynbo, 091180{1817, rbfy Christos Iosi dis, 061083{3551, chio


Witching For Water

Witching For Water By the Mother Earth News editors Some say it started with Moses (Numbers 20:9-11). Some swear by the ancient Greeks. But the first written record of finding water with a forked twig is in Georgius Agricola's work, De re metallica, written in 1556.


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