" Whimsical Christmas Tree Skirt "

" Whimsical Christmas Tree Skirt " This year, skip the traditional red and green by adding a burst of color to your Christmas decorations. Create an adorable tree skirt that will add extra holiday magic and a touch of whimsy to your living room.


Table of Contents

DISCLAIMER Lily is based on FAB (Fertility Awareness-Based Methods like FAM and NFP) and should only be used by those women willing to learn the rules and apply them correctly, especially if you want to use it as birth control.


Embroidery and Construction Instructions

Whimsical Wildflowers Quilt. Embroidery and Construction Instructions. OESD’s Whimsical Wildflowers Collection #009 and Quilting Whimsy #006 were used to design the blocks used in this fresh, fun, and fanciful quilt.


"Whimsical Stockings"

"Whimsical Stockings" These colorful designs will add a magical touch to your Christmas mantle. Skill Level: Beginner Created by: Kelly Laws, Marketing Project Manager Supplies: Baby Lock Sewing & Embroidery Machine Baby Lock Lollysticks Christmas embroidery card (BLDP-G02) Various colors of ...


A Touch of Whimsy Socks

WHIMSICAL KNITTING DESIGNS 2 www.WhimsicalKnitting.Blogspot.com Copyright© Rebecca Mercier October 2008 - All rights reserved for personal, nonprofit use.


My Whimsical Quilt Garden

Block #1! Block #6 My Whimsical Quilt Garden This class is suitable for all skill levels. You will learn a number of hand applique techniques that include curves, points, and cutaway applique.


A Touch of Whimsy Scarf pattern

WHIMSICAL KNITTING DESIGNS 2 www.WhimsicalKnitting.Blogspot.com Copyright © Rebecca Mercier September, 2006 - All rights reserved for personal, nonprofit use.


Baby Lock Project: Whimsical Fleece Hats

Whimsical Fleece Hats Add your own pizazz to these two hats inspired by the "Polar Fleece Pizazz" and "More Polar Fleece Pizazz" books. Your kids will love the unique style and personal touches added to these hats and you will love their functionality.


Whimsical Stitches 1

©2007, Contributed to BERNINA ® of America, Inc. by Jill Danklefsen www.berninausa.com Nothing Sew Like a Bernina. Nothing Whimsical Stitches 1 Whimsical Stitches 1 Sew the Recipe Stabilize the fabric.


Whimsical Fish

Jennifer Hoolihan, Asheville NC (Chickens: LM-53 Orchid, LM-41 Chartreuse , LM-54 Coral) Lesson Plan #45 Whimsical Fish by Noelle Hoover Fish have been important since prehistoric man depended upon them as food.


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