PART 2 - Wetland: Functions and Values

PART 2 - Wetland: Functions and Values É The following slides show examples of wetland functions and values. FUNCTION: Properties that a wetland naturally provides.


What Is a Wetland?

United States Environmental Protection Agency This forested wetland on the Chincoteague N ational Wildlife Refuge on Virginia’s Eastern Shore is part of the


What is a Wetland?

II. What is a Wetland? Before going any further, it is necessary to be more precise about what is meant by a "wetland." There is not a single definition of wetland that all agencies, scientists, policymakers, or landowners use for all purposes.


Wetland Loss Trends

Wetland Loss Trends 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 350,000 400,000 450,000 500,000 50's - 70's70's-80's80's-90's Since the 1700's, the U.S. has lost over 50% of its wetland resources.


Wetland (English); ixhaphozi (isiZulu); mogobeng (Setswana ...

Wetland (English); ixhaphozi (isiZulu); mogobeng (Setswana); mahlangasi (Xitsonga); mohlaka (Sepedi); matzhasa (Tshivenda); mokhoabo (Sesotho); umdzwelene (Ndebele); umgxobhozo (isiXhosa);


A basic presentation on the importance of wetlands prepared ...

types: n to many different wetland seeps & springs (top of catchment) marshes floodplainslakes and pans swamps estuariescoral reefs (bottom of catchment)


Compensatory Wetlands Guidelines

Summary of Major Provisions of Adirondack Park Agency Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Guidelines* 1. All projects shall be designed and undertaken to first attempt to avoid all impacts to wetlands.


Wetland Animals

Wetland Animals Wetland Animals Adapted from : "Wetland Address" in WOW! Wonders of Wetlands: An Educator's Guide. Bozeman: The Watercourse and Environmental Concern, Inc., 1995.


WETLANDS, VoL 13, No. I, March 1993, pp. 50 64

WETLANDS, VoL 13, No. I, March 1993, pp. 50 ... 64 © 1993, The Society of Wetlands Scientists THE PRIMARY INDICATORS METHOD-A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO WETLAND RECOGNITION AND DELINEATION IN THE UNITED STATES Ralph W. Tiner U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 5


Student Journal current

WETLAND ECOSYSTEMS I GRADES 4 to 6 STUDENT JOURNAL Field trip notes..... ii Suggested individual and group projects..... iii Project assessment guide ...


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