Working with the Phidget Webservice

Working_With_PhidgetWebservice created: 06/17/09 Page 1 Working with the Phidget Webservice Introduction The Phidget Web Service is a way to get and send data with any Phidget over the network, allowing any number of programs to use the Phidgets from another computer when distance or performance ...


Automate Webservice testing, Part 2: Testa Web service with ...

the focus on Web services continues to grow. In these service-oriented and service-critical applications, Web service testing assumes equal significance.


Dynamic Webservice client

The DWSCcomponent provides a simple interface to: 1. Publisha Web service to a UDDI registry 2. Discover an already published Web service 3. Dynamically invoke a published Web service The publishing and discovery are carried out using UDDIv3.0 Client API.


Engineering Data Management

Oracle ® Agile Engineering Data Management. Creating an Agile e6 WebService in JDeveloper 11g . Andre Guldi . Agile PLM Product Management . Oracle Germany


CICS Web Services Application Development-2up

... WEBSERVICE • Handlers • Should not contain business logic • Likely to perform 'system' functions and used for several services • Application Programmer • Business logic • Interface to the business logic when exposed as a CICS program • COMMAREA or Container layout • Interface to ...


Query as a Web Service

To deploy to another server using the Query as a WebService client tool Using Queryasa Web Service client, you can deploy queries to another server once, using the same service name.


PSWinCom SMS Gateway WebService (SOAP) Interface Specification

PSWinCom SMS/MMS Gateway WebService (SOAP) Interface Specification Page 3 of 38 1 Preface This document describes how to use the WebService (SOAP) Interface for the PSWinCom SMS/MMS Gateway.


Creating multiple methods/operations and Exposing BAPI as a ...

Creating Multiple Methods/Operations and Exposing BAPI as a Webservice Creating multiple methods/operations and Exposing BAPI as a Webservice


Creating Web Services Applications with IntelliJ IDEA

As you can see, we need only to specify the URL for the WebService and click OK. The descriptor is generated. 15 Creating Web Services Applications with IntelliJ IDEA Two things are left to do to run our WebService.


Design and develop JAX-WS 2.0 Web services

WebService annotation, which defines the class asa Web service endpoint. The OrderProcessServ ice class (this is the class with the @javax.jws.WebService annotation) implicitly defines a service endpoint interface (SEI), which declares methods that a client can invoke on the service.


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