Websense® Content Gateway Websense Web Security Gateway

1 Installation Guide  5 Prerequisites and Preparation Websense Content Gateway runs with either Websense Web Security or Websense Web Filter to provide the advantages of a proxy cache, improving bandwidth usage and network performance by storing requested Web pages and, while a stored page is ...


Security Predictions for 2012 from Websense® Security Labs™

1. Your social media identity may prove more valuable to cybercriminals than your credit cards. Bad guys will actively buy and sell social media credentials in online forums.


Websense v7.6 Install or Upgrade Checklist - Greetings from ...

Review the v7.6 Deployment and Installation Center – ensure that your system meets the requirements for v7.6. • Is your SQL Server version supported?


Websense Enterprise® Websense® Web Security SuiteTM

Websense Enterprise Reporting Installation Guide X 6 Chapter 1: Preinstallation Information Reporting modules and components Components of Websense Enterprise Reporting may be installed on one or more machines, depending on the network and the database engine used.


Deployment Guide for Websense Web Security Solutions

Deployment Guide 3 Contents List of Figures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5


v7.6 Release Notes for Websense® Data Security

© 2011 Websense, Inc. v7.6 Release Notes for Websense ® Data Security Topic 40017 / Updated: 22-Apr-2011 Use the Release Notes to find information about what's new and improved in Websense Data Security Version 7.6. ã Introducing Websense Data Security v7.6 ã Hardware requirements ã ...


TRITON Unified Security Center Help

1 TRITON Unified Security Center Help X 1 Getting Started The TRITON Unified Security Center is a single, browser-based console that provides a central, graphical interface to the general configuration, policy management, and reporting functions of your Websense software.


Websense Content Research Cortex

Websense Content Research Cortex Classifying content is what Websense® is all about. More than 100 researchers worldwide apply a vast array of classification techniques to block malicious or unwanted data from entering the network and protect confidential or proprietary data from leaving.


Installing the Websense Enterprise Content Filtering Plug-In

w w w. d e l l. c o m | su p po r t.d e l l. c o m Installing the Websense Enterprise Content Filtering Plug-In This document provides instructions about how to install the Websense Enterprise content filtering plug-in on your Dell™ PowerApp.cache — Inktomi™ Powered system.


10 Steps to an Easy Websense Installation

v5.5-102504 10 Steps to an Easy Websense Installation Welcome! Thank you for choosing Websense Enterprise, the leading solution for managing your employees' use of the Internet and other computing resources.


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