134 CHAPTER XI WATSU WITH CHILDREN AND FAMILIES The night you tell us you watsu the blind child and the deaf and sing to them I watsu you to the song of the wind in still water.


Watsu® for Athletes.

Watsu® for Athletes. By Tomasz Zagorski. Benefits of Watsu® has been known and applied in SPAs and clinics for many years. In the last few years Watsu has received a new field of application - Watsu for Athletes.


The Transition Flow

2 Care of the Neck and Lower Back The two areas of the body requiring special attention in Watsu are the neck and lower back. They are the most mobile, and hence the most vulnerable, segments of the spinal column.



WATSU 1 WATSU WATSU-THERAPIE Márcia Ortiz & Rhomy Pereira Keywords: Warm water, bodywork, relaxation, shiatsu massage, emotion Schlüsselwörter: Warmwasser, Körperarbeit, Entspannung, Shiatsu-Massage, Emotion Zusammenfassung: Watsu ist eine Hydrotherapie, welche Entspannung und den ...


School of Shiatsu & Massage at the Watsu Center - A PPROVALS

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Logbook Watsu India 2009 29.03.09

WABA - Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork A. ssociation . Logbook Watsu ® India . Including WaterDance Certification


Vipassana Bali 2010 Eng

WATSU BALI WATSU ® & ELEMENTS OF VIPASSANA With Gianni De Stefani 18.12.2010 - 24.12.2010 Watsu and elements of Vipassana: In this seminar styled retreat, we combine the practice of Watsu ® with individual elements of Vipassana meditation - namely, specific techniques of meditation and ...



Floating Inward: Watsu® and Waterdance Therapy Last Updated Thursday, 14 February 2008 My consulting adventures and good fortune recently rewarded me with a


Getting a Watsu ® or Aquatic Massage Session at Ulumúri.

Getting a Watsu ® or Aquatic Massage Session at Ulumúri. A few cautions to be aware of and suggestions for receiving a Watsu or Aquatic Massage at the Therapeutic Pool Facility in Blue Hill by Charlo Davis.



Watsu, I found any written document about Watus is far less than some other modalities, and I also found that many people is hesitant to receive Watsu® treatment because of the way it’s done.


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