Anatomical Targeting in Functional Neurosurgery by the ...

Original Paper Stereotact Funct Neurosurg 1998:71:103-1 16 Anatomical Targeting in Functional Neurosurgery by the Simultaneous Use of Multiple Schaltenbrand-Wahren Brain Atlas Microseries Wieslaw L. Nowinski Kent Ridge Digital Labs (KRDL), Singapore Key Words Brain atlases, electronic .


A man of ideas: 1998 Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medalist Douglas ...

King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden looks on as Wahren describes one of his projects at the Royal Institute of Technology Named a TAPPIFellow in 1981,Wahren receives his plaque from Fellows Committee Chairman W. O. Kroeschell.



CV / J Wahren 1 KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET Department Molecular Medicine and Surgery Section of Clinical Physiology CURRICULUM VITAE Full name: John Wahren Birth date: April 28, 1937 Uppsala, Sweden Marital status: Married to Caroline Wahren Children: David 1969, Henric 1971, Martin 1974, Jenny 1975 ...


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Wahren-Herlenius M. A serologic marker for fetal risk of con genital heart block. Arthritis Rheum. 2002;46(5):1233–1241 15. Sonesson SE, Salomonsson S, Jacobsson LA, Bremme K,


Call center satisfaction and customer retention ina co ...

Wahren IPSOS Loyalty, Parsippany, New Jersey, USA Abstract Purpose-This paper aims to examine call center satisfaction in an escalated call center context where callers are organization members of the primary/leveraged brand and have purchased additionalco-branded services as part of their membership.


The human touch in technology

FLUSSRADARJMA 610 RIVER RADAR JMA 610 Mitder Einführungder JMA 610 Flussradaranlage präsentiertNAVALMarinedieFolgegenerationder sehrerfolgreichenJMA 609, vonderseit Einführungim Jahre 2004über 2000 Anlagen verkauftwurden.


Ian Baird, Program Manager, Parks & Places, Dept of Urban ...

111 Ban those cats! Resolving wildlife issues in the ACT Ian Baird, Program Manager, Parks & Places, Dept of Urban Services, Lee-Anne Wahren, Policy Officer (Animal Welfare) ACT


Impulse technology1

Douglas Wahren, the inventor of impulse technology, anchored impulse R&D activities at the US national pulp and paper research institute 10 years after his first idea of impulse technology.



exercise intensity and duration (Katz, Broberg, Sahlin &Wahren, 1986). This is the result of increased glucose transport across the sarcolemma and activation of the


Climate Change Forum came to Mansfield

Dr Wahren firmly stated, "This is serious", and the message from all presenters is that we only have one chance to protect our planet and the time to act is now.


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