Vsat Technology

New VSAT Backup Solution Ensures Business Continuity

Because VSAT technology completely bypasses the local terrestrial last-mile infrastructure, it presents a uniquely valuable tool to ensure 100 percent uptime for mission-critical voice, data and video networks.


VPN over Spacenet VSAT Networks

1. Executive Summary Spacenet's VPN accelerator provides the technology necessary to deliver high levels of performance for VPN connections over VS AT networks.


CapRock Maritime VSAT Presentation

3 © Copyright 2007 CapRock Communications - All Rights Reserved VSAT technology VSAT technology ...


An Overview of the Uganda Rural Connectivity VSAT Project ...

VSAT Technology Feasibility Study and Request for Proposal In early 2000, the project team commissioned Mark Bennet from Cambridge, UK to write a report that would identify the key recommendations regarding the VSAT Pilot and suggest the way forward.


GVF VSAT Policy Guidelines

... will make a direct and large contribution to providing universal service… by a combination of terrestrial radio technology, VSAT ... Application Template I. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Applications for licenses pertaining to the operation of transmit-receive Very Small Aperture Terminal ...


APEX Key to Chevron SCADA System via TCP/IP over VSAT

The project intended to replace 80-90% of the existing infrastructure with VSAT technology. The final solution is required to be compatible with and provide full functionality with the new Host.


VSAT Deployment for Post-Disaster Relief and Development ...

VSAT technology is particularly useful when terrestrial infrastructure has been destroyed, and as such provides a powerful tool to mitigate damage incurred by disasters (Hancock, 1999; Marek, 1993).


RELEASE 1 - VSAT Handbook

Chapter 1 - Introduction to VSAT Networks Page - 2 INTELSAT VSAT HANDBOOK SEPTEMBER 1998 A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) ... (VSAT TECHNOLOGY) Figure 2-5.



... UK Abstract Very Small Aperture Terminal ... 622 Mbit/s transmission rates conventionally associated with ATM are well above the maximum rates possible with today's VSAT technology.


VSAT Case Studies

Very Small Aperture Terminal ... If the aim of proponents of VSAT technology is to secure and consolidate what currently represents the existing market, ...


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