Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage and ...

INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE . AND INTERNATIONAL LAW . A F Vrdoljak. 1. For every image of the past that is not recognized by the present as one of


€ Maru&scaronc Eduard Vrdoljak, Kornelija Mise, Damir ...

Survival Analysis of Untreated Patients With Non-Small-Cell LungCancer* Eduard Vrdoljak, MD;Kornelija Mise, MD;DamirSapunar, MD; AnteRozga, PhD;andMatkoMarusic, MD,PhD


Bkrev Constructionism Vrdoljak

54 PINS, 2002, 28, 54-55 Social constructionism in (con)text Book review Gergen, K J (2001) Social constructionism in context. London: Sage Publications.


Faster, Safer Oracle Data Migration

... Oracle Data Migration Using the VERITAS Storage Foundation to eliminate data copying 1 Faster, Safer Oracle Data Migration Using VERITAS Storage Foundation portable data containers to move Oracle data between unlike platforms faster, more safely, and with less disruption by Tillmann Reusse Vesna Vrdoljak ...


Number: X-KR -08/488 Sarajevo, 29 January 2009

R e a s o n i n g a) Introduction By the Verdict of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), No. X-KR-08/488 of 10 July 2008, the accused Ivica Vrdoljak was found guilty of the criminal offense of War Crimes against Civilians in violation of Article 173 (1) item c) of the CC BiH, for which he was ...


International Law, Museums and the Return of Cultural Objects

Special thanks to my sister, Katarina Vrdoljak, whose unstinting support has guaranteed the inclusion of images to accompany my words; Annie Parkinson, whose proofreading skills came when they were most needed; and my editor, Simon Whitmore, who patiently guided the book to completion. www.cambridge.org ...


Cultural Heritage in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Cultural Heritage in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Ana Filipa Vrdoljak The exceptionalism originally afforded cultural heritage in international


Minorities, Cultural Rights and the Protection of Intangible ...

Minorities, Cultural Rights and the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage Ana Filipa Vrdoljak * 1 Introduction The protection of intangible cultural heritage has often been regarded as the long neglected area of international cultural heritage law.



All patients underwent surgical tumor biopsy and surgery for biopsy-confirmed breast cancer (either seg-mentectomy or mastectomy) 4 along with dissection of the axillary lymph nodes at all three levels and extirpa-Correspondence to : Dr Danko Velimir Vrdoljak, PhD, Department of Surgical Oncology ...


Clinical Oncology in Croatia

Clinical Oncology in Clinical Oncology in Croatia Croatia Prof.*Dr.*Eduard*Vrdoljak Prof.*Dr.*Eduard*Vrdoljak Center*of*Oncology Center*of*Oncology Clinical*Hospital*Split Clinical*Hospital*Split


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