Spiritual Bouquet for Priests (YFP)

Year of the Priesthood June 19, 2009 ~ June 19, 2010 Spiritual Bouquet for Priests (YFP)


What is Vocation? By Juan L. Hinojosa, Ph.D.

1 What is Vocation? By Juan L. Hinojosa, Ph.D. Over the course of the last few years I have been privileged to help groups of faculty and staff at St. Norbert College and at St. Bonaventure University in an exploration of vocation.


The Meaning of Vocation

12 Vocation that, thought Bonhoeffer. For vocation "in the New Testament sense, is never a sanctioning of worldly institutions as such; its 'yes' to them always includes at the same time an extremely emphatic 'no,' an extremely sharp protest against the world."


Advent Intentions II

Simply adding this intention to family Advent prayer would be an easy way to recognize the beauty of their vocation to support them. Objective: Remember that whatever you decide works best for your family or situation the most important points are: 1.


What Is My Vocation?

Contents Page Number Introduction Vocation Preparation Unit One Overview 1 Unit One Planner 2 Unit One Lesson Planner 3 Lesson One - Called to be Disciples of Jesus Christ 4 Lesson Two - God Calls Us to a Specific Vocation in Life 12 Lesson Three - Discovering a Vocation 18 Lesson Four - The ...


The Meaning of Vocation

2 The Meaning of Vocation To restore the original mystery and power of "vocation," it must be disengaged from some modern assumptions. We do not simply "choose" a course of action, but respond to a summons—which often is against our will and involves hardships.



Answering yes to these questions may confirm that you hear the call to discern your vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life. We invite you to take time to look at the resources available to you on this website and to consider talking to a Vocation Director about these possibilities in person.



Hope College Proposal to the Lilly Endowment The Program for the Theological Exploration of Vocation I. Program Purpose and Goals The central purpose of Hope College's Program for the Theological Exploration of Vocation (PTEV) is to further encourage Hope students to wisely discern their own ...



1 De LaSalleChristian Brothers District of San Francisco DISTRICT ASSEMBLY ON MISSION Saint Mary'sCollegeof California July 30-August 4,2006 KEYNOTE PANEL ADDRESS by Brother Kevin Slate, FSC Director, De LaSalleHouse, Berkeley August1,2006 Theme: Vocation The core purpose of the vocation ...


Hans Urs von Balthasar. Vocation. Communio 37 (2010)

1 From Zur Pastoral der geistlichen Berufe. Zum Welttag der geistlichen Berufe, 24 April 1966 (Freiburg: Informationszentrum Berufe der Kirche, 1966), 3-15.


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