peripheral vitreoretinal traction exploration bystaurenghi 230 lens and hra-ii estudio de la tracciÓn vitreorretiniana perifÉrica mediante hra-ii con lente de staurenghi 230 lara-medina j 1, ispa-callÉn mc 1, gonzÁlez-del-valle f 1, nÚÑez a 1, domÍnguez mj 1, arias-palomero a 1 received ...


SILICONE OIL TAMPONADE IN THE VITREORETINAL SURGERY HEREMANSL., 1 WEYLERJ., 2 PERTILE, G., 1 ZIVOJNOVICR., 1 CLAESC. 1 SUMMARY This retrospective study aimed to evaluate the in-fluenceofa temporary silicone oil (SiO) tamponade on intraocular pressure (IOP).

Mr. Robert E MacLaren MB ChB DipEd DPhil FRCS FRCOphth ...

Summary of current research interests . My clinical research interests are vitreoretinal surgery, inherited and agerelated retinal diseases, altitude retinopathy, complex cataract surgery and intraocular lenses.

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35 Chapter 4 Postoperative Care after Vitreoretinal Surgery Dr Gerard Chuah, Dr Lam Wai Ching The patients and their relatives are very worried and concerned about postoperative care.

A new surgical technique for tractional retinal detachment.

The purpose of the column is to provide a forum for retina specialists to share informative and exciting tips or pearls with regard to specific vitreoretinal surgical techniques, diagnostics, or therapeutics.

Precision and Safety of the Pulsed Electron Avalanche Knife ...

Precision and Safety of the Pulsed Electron Avalanche Knife in Vitreoretinal Surgery JasonM. Miller, MSc; Daniel V. Palanker, PhD; Alexander Vankov, PhD; MichaelF.

Internal Limiting Membrane layer visualization and ...

Internal Limiting Membrane layer visualization and vitreoretinal surgery guidance using a Common-Path OCT integrated microsurgical tool Xuan Liu 1 *, Eric Meisne 2, Jae-Ho Han 1, Kang Zhang 1, Peter Gehlbach 3, Russell Taylor 2, and Jin U. Kang 1 1 Department of Electrical and Computer ...


•Well suited for cataract, glaucoma or vitreoretinal procedures. 2200-G Lewis Illuminated Diamond Knife •Distal edge diamond -sharp all the way around.

Jeanne L. Rosenthal, MD FACS

Vitreoretinal Degeneration in Facial Clefting Syndrome a. Probably autosomal dominant b. Hallmarks are family history of RD, facial clefting, vitreoretinal degeneration c. Skeletal abnormalities d.

Retinal Detachment Surgery

2 3 What is retinal detachment? Your eye doctor has diagnosed a retinal detachment in your eye. Without treatment, this condition usually leads to blindness in the affected eye.

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