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Apparatus and theory of the venturi A diagram of the Venturi apparatus used for this experiment is show below. ... Procedure and Analysis for the venturi meter The flow through the Venturi can be regulated using the valves on the hydraulic bench and the apparatus ...


PROCEDURE: A schematic of the Venturi meter is shown on the diagram at the end of the procedure. The inlet diameter equals d - 26 mm and the throat diameter d = 16 mm.


PERFORMANCE OF A VENTURI METER WITH SEPARABLE DIFFUSER by Thomas J. Dudzinski, Robert C. Johnson, and Lloyd N. Krause Lewis Research Center SUMMARY The effects ... when step size was changed Globe I valve, Globe rVenturi valve7 T1, v n Pressure O 1 atm abs (1~10~ Nk) /' Straightening vanes L' Figure 1.-Schematic diagram of flow ...


The venturi meter A sketch of a typical venturi meter is shown in Figure 1. ... A- Bench valve B- Flow Control valve C- Centrifugal pump D- Venturi meter E- Rotameter F- Orifice meter G- 8 bank manometer H- Sump tank I - Air bleed screw J- volumetric tank Figure 4 . Flow diagram of Apparatus

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4) Flow Diagram. Diagram and Pressure Profile Figure VII-2 Diagram of a Venturi Meter and Turboblower. Below, the pressure is plotted verses position in the system.

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Figure 12.4 Diagram of Venturi Meter (all distances in mm) Table 12.1 Manometer Tube # Diameter of Cross Section (mm) Distance From Inlet (mm) A(1) B C D (2) E F G H J K L 26.00 ... For flow though the Venturi meter, Bernoulli's theorem states that: n n i h g u h g u h g u + = + = + 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 Equation 1 Where g is gravity, n u is the velocity and n h ...

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The Venturi Meter The diagram of a venturi meter below shows the general shape and flow pattern for this type of differential pressure flow meter.

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Figure 2: Explanatory diagram of the flow measurement apparatus THEORY Flow Measurement 1. Venturi Meter In the converging section of the Venturi meter, the flow is accelerated continuously, and therefore, the losses are considered small.

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Diagram of a venturi meter. Figure 3. Diagram of flow nozzle. Pump discharge pipe Figure 4. Orifice meter. walls of the pipe, and packing glands are secured into the holes to seal between the probe and the pipe, so no water will leak from the test pipe.

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Pasadena, CA 91 125 A Cavitation Susceptibility Meter With Optical Cavitation Monitoring-Part Two: ... The pressure at.the venturi lhroat is determined from the upstrearn pressure and the local flow ... BLOCK DIAGRAM OF C S M INFORMATION FLOW Fig. 3 Close-up view of the CSM venturi tube No. 1.

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