After the merger of two magnesite mining giants in 1991, Veitsch-Radex AG became the largest producer of magnesite in Austria. Three of five mines it owns are active: Breitenau, Gulsen, and Millstatteralpe/ Radentheim.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Employees should be instructed "how to handle products emitting small quantities of dust, in order to limit dust emission", "on how best to use safety equipment". · Contact: for Canada: Brian Plaskett Corporate EHS Manager RHI Canada Inc. / Veitsch-Radex America Inc. Cell: (519)318-5401 Fax: (905)639 ...

Material Safety Data Sheet

However, this shall not constitute a guarantee for any specific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship. · Contact: for Canada: Brian Plaskett Corporate EHS Manager RHI Canada Inc. / Veitsch-Radex America Inc. Cell: (519)318-5401 Fax: (905)639-1299 (Burlington ...

Certain Magnesia Carbon Bricks From China and Mexico

RHI Refractories Liaoning Co., Ltd., RHI-Refmex S.A. de C.V., and Veitsch-Radex America, Inc. (collectively, the "RHI Respondents") also filed a joint postconference brief.

Veitsch Gem Ztg. 12-06

2 VEITSCHER GEMEINDE-NACHRICHTEN INHALT Vorwort des Bürgermeisters 2 25 Jahre Marktgemeinde Veitsch 3 Jubiläum Magnesitwerk Veitsch 5 Tag der offenen Tür 8 Die Bezirkshauptmannschaft informiert9 Ehrenring an Dir. Kopp 10 Feinstaub-Verordnung 10 Sozialreferat Heimbesuche 11 Heizkostenzuschuss ...


Veitsch-Kunstbuch arbeiteten sagte mir Karl Kern immer wieder, dass dieses Pro-jekt in ihm herangereift sei, seit er sich in Veitsch niedergelassen hatte.


The Veitsch material is, however, not cubic like partzite, but X-ray amorphous. Since it is uncertain whether the Rezbanya thrombolite is like partzite, the name protopartzite is suggested for the Veitsch material.

Magnesium Compounds in 1997

The plant is a joint venture between Veitsch-Radex of Austria (55% ownership) and Liaoning Metallurgical Import/Export Co. (45% ownership). The plant is designed to produce 60,000 tons of magnesia-carbon bricks and 50,000 tons of unshaped products annually.


Gasnetz Veitsch, Obere Hauptstraße 18, 8663 Veitsch, E-Mail: , Internet: Seite 1 von 1 Sonstige Kos tenersätze.doc 30.01.2008

Slag Free Tapping with the INTERSTOPTap Hole Gate Type TAP120

The BOF vessels are equipped with the Iso-Jet Tap Hole System (Veitsch). This Iso-Jet System is the key for handling and positioning the Tape Hole Gate at the channel end (Figure 2).

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