GLUTEN-FREE OPTIONS * Please specify as indicated in parenthesis when ordering. See our standard menu for a full description of each item. STARTERS & SIDES  Mac-n-Cheese* (no bread crumbs)  Red Cabbage 'Slaw  Side of Chili  Steamin' Kale  Spring Mix Salad  Sweetheart Fries ...

Your Goodness Guide!

The inside scoop on Veggie Grill goodness! Your Goodness Guide! Our Protein Specialties TOO GOOd TemPeh A tender yet crunchy blend of organic soybeans and rice culture.


HUNGRY ? The following recipes, are hygienically put together. Which means that they have the least possibly irritants in there like, garlic bulbs, onion bulbs, cayenne pepper, black or white pepper, or unnecessary condiments like salt, be it sea or rock salt.

Lesson # 4b The Control Panel

A Computer Lady Lesson: 2 The information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the date of publication. This lesson is for informational purposes only.

Veggies On the Go!

• Order a side of veggies with your meal, or pick three or four veggie sides and create your own vegetable plate. Mid-morning snack Breakfast on the road Lunch at a restaurant Afternoon snack Dinner at home Blend a smoothie with fresh fruit to drink on the way to work or school.


APPETIZERS A1 Eggless Egg Rolls $4.95 A2 Soy Drumsticks $8.95 A3 Dumplings (fried or steamed) $7.95 A4 Fried Wontons $7.95 A5 Spring Rolls $6.95 A6 Fried Tofu $7.95 A7 Lettuce Wraps $8.95 A8 French Fries $4.95 A9 Edamame $6.95 SOUPS S1 Hot & Sour Soup sm $4.95 / lg $6.95 S2 Wonton Soup sm $4.95 ...


A Veggie Garden favorite L10. Soy Beef with Pan Fried Noodles Pan fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, onions, and beef slices in a black bean sauce L11.

Blueprint for a Good Vegetable Garden

Blueprint for a Good Vegetable Garden PICKING A LOCATION - THINGS TO CONSIDER o 8 hours of sun minimum É Days are longer in the summer É Trees provide much more shade when they have leaves É An unblocked southern exposure is best o Access to Water o Root Competition from large trees o ...


Crispy Veggie Nugget Salad $13.95 Crispy veggie nuggets stir-fried with garlic and sweet onions, served atop fresh green salad and tossed in a sweet and refreshing blend of rice vinegar and ground pepper 29.

Dinner Menu

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