Values Clarification Group Activity

Questionnaire for Values Clarification

Questionnaire for Values Clarification © 2002 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs Page 1 of 9 QUESTIONNAIRE FOR VALUES CLARIFICATION This exercise has an individual component and a group component.

Values Clarification Exercise

Please be honest with yourself as you complete this activity. Part 2. Values Clarification Reflection After you have ranked your values, ... (being part of a team/group, putting team/group ahead of self, creating relationships with team/group members) ...


Please take 7 minutes to select your top 10 (check), and then your top 5 values (two checks). VALUES CLARIFICATION EXERCISE: ... individually or in a group) ...

Values Clarification Workshop The Office of Judicial Affairs

Then have students share with the group a summary of their partner's challenge and how their partner decided what to do in that situation. 4 . ... ---OR--Have students complete the "Reflecting on the Values Clarification Workshop" activity (HANDOUT) and process with the group. 3) ...

Schools In Crisis: Training for Success or Failure?

239 13 Values Clarification Undoubtedly, ... 241 values clarification issues. One such activity is "survival games." ... Your child's values are forced through the "meat grinder" of public exposure and group discussion. . . .


VALUES Identifying your personal values is an important part of a successful career plan. In this context, the word "value" refers to how you feel about the work itself and the contribution it makes to society.


CORE ACTIVITY 4 VALUES IDENTIFICATION AND CLARIFICATION Instrument: ... Identifying and Prioritising Fundamental Values (Activity 4 Worksheet ... are presented by a member of each group and recorded on a flip-chart Staff are asked by facilitator to describe different values in action Group ...

Values Clarification Exercises

The next step in this values-clarification process is to think about your ideal life. Listen to the guided visualization tape on Envisioning Your Ideal Values.

Personal Values Clarification Worksheet

Personal Values Clarification Worksheet The following is a list of personal values many people consider to be important to their lives. ... or activity in behalf of a higher being. ... group, institution, or ...

Group Ethical Standards Clarification

Group Ethical Standards Clarification . This activity has 2 parts. Part 1: Determining Group Ethical Standards . Below is a copy of the list of 41 values that you used to do your personal values ranking.

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