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School of Architecture Assistant Dean: Jeanne Crawford, GOL 2.116, 471-0109, [email protected]utexas.edu Academic Advisor: Garrett Loontjer, GOL 2.118, 471 4525, [email protected]utexas.edu McCombs School of Business Undergraduate Programs Office, CBA 2.400, 471-0690, [email protected]utexas.edu If ...


Garage Parking

BuiLdiNG diRectoRy Public Parking BRG Brazos Garage .....B4 CCG Conference Center Garage .....A4 GUG Guadalupe Garage .....A4 MAG Manor Garage .....D3 SAG San Antonio Garage ...


Political Map of the World, January 2011

untitled untitled. 120 60 0 60 120 180 30 30 0 0 60 30 30 90 150 90 150 60 120 60 0 60 120 180 30 30 90 150 90 150 60 30 30 60 Equator Equator Equator Tropic of Capricorn (23°27') Tropic of Capricorn (23°27') Antarctic Circle (66°33') Antarctic Circle (66°33') Tropic of Cancer (23°27 ...



CONSTRUCTIVE REGIONALISM ©Anthony Alofsin, 2005 This May, 2005 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the coining of the term "Constructive Regionalism."


XIV Microteaching

398T Instructor Handbook 256 Microteaching Note: • = available in PCL (LB 250...) = PCL Call Numbers Readings for Faculty: • Allen, D., & Ryan, K. (1969).


The University of Texas: Looking Forward

The University of Texas: Looking Forward Research Libraries in the 21 st Century Recommendations drawn from a symposium held September 11-12, 2006 at The University of Texas.


In This Issue

The Art Education Advisory section presents peer-reviewed articles on current topics in Art Education written by graduate students or faculty. To submit an article (no more than 500 words) , please contact Dr. Paul Bolin, at [email protected] utexas.edu.


Patchwork Democracy

PROLOGUE Patchwork Democracy Nicaraguan Politics Ten Years After the Fall O ver the past fifteen years, most countries of Latin America have passed from authoritarian dictatorship to having democratically elected governments.


Loftus, Elizabeth (1997) Creating False Memories. Scientific ...

Without corroboration, it is very difficult to differentiate between false memories and true ones. Also, in these cases, some memories are contrary to physical evidence, such as explicit and


Literature Review and Analysis: Internet Filters and ...

Literature Review and Analysis: Internet Filters and Intellectual Freedom Danielle Cunniff Plumer The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School of Library and Information Science LIS 384K.16: Creation and Selection of Information Prof. W. B. Lukenbill - Fall 2001 November 1, 2001


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