Aquarium Fish Fungus

These are likely present in most aquaria, breaking down organic material, such as feces, leaf litter and uneaten fish food. Triggering Factors Fungus spores are opportunistic and given the chance will invade most types of organic material, including living tissue.


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50%-70% of residents leave 25% or more of their food uneaten at most meals and both chart documentation of percent eaten and the MDS are notoriously inaccurate, consistently


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TROPICAL CONSERVANCY 2 F O C U S S ome species, for a variety of reasons, have profound effects on other species, and the div ersity of interactions between species is appropria tely recognized as a part of biological diversity (Thompson 1996).



The two primary water pollutants that need to be removed are (1) fish waste (toxic ammonia compounds) excreted into the water and (2) uneaten fish feed particles.


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Apart from damage to the environment, throwing away uneaten food also wastes money. Current figures indicate that each week a typical household throws away between £4.80 and £7.70 of uneaten food; this is equivalent to £250-£400 a year or £15,000-£24,000 in a lifetime [DEFRA, 2006].


Solids Capture

Given the increased emphasis placed on aquacultural effluents itis important to note that the first four pollutants which are often regulated, TSS, Settleable Solids, BOD, and Total Phosphorus can be significantly reduced in concentration by the removal of solids containing feces and uneaten feed.


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Today, many customers will take home uneaten food to consume that food themselves, but at a later time. Customers may be unaware that the safety of uneaten food taken away can become compromised.


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Plate waste is generally defined as the quantity of edible portions of food served that is uneaten and is a common reason for food loss at the consumer and foodservice levels.


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The mice choose seeds of intermediate and large sizes, leaving the small seeds of the cherry tree uneaten. a. b. c. Adapted by D. Knuffke from a worksheet by Pearson Education, Inc. © 2005 Pg. 8


Feed Management - BMP No. 7

enters the pond ecosystem as uneaten feed and in fish feces and metabolites. Uneaten feed and feces are decomposed to metabolites by pond bacteria.


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