Underpinning Professor Kamran M. Nemati Winter Quarter 2007 1 Temporary Structures CM 420 CM 420 CM 420 CM 420 Temporary Structures CM 420 CM 420 CM 420 CM 420 Underpinning Temporary Structures CM 420 CM 420 CM 420 CM 420 1 Temporary Structures CM 420 CM 420 CM 420 CM 420 Underpinning Ñ ...


31 40 00 - Shoring and Underpinning

RELEASE - R2.0 SECTION 31 40 00 BART FACILITIES STANDARDS Issued: 09/30/2008 PAGE 1 OF 7 STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS SECTION 31 40 00 SHORING AND UNDERPINNING PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 SECTION INCLUDES A. Detection of movement B. Shoring and underpinning C. Concrete piers, walls, and pile caps D. Piles ...


N.Y. City Department of Buildings

If underpinning is necessary, an engineer and/or suitable contractor must be retained. Underpinning contractors could be licensed, further protecting the public.


Foundation Repair - Underpinning

1 RECO2006 Construction IV Foundation Repair - Underpinning Edward CY YIU Department of Real Estate and Construction January 2007 What is UNDERPINNING?


Mobile Home Underpinning

Mortarless block construction with QUIKWALL® Surface Bonding Cement is an ideal method of finishing off mobile home installations. When building up underpinning, plan the work so that the top course of block rests flush with the bottom of the mobile home.


Support of Excavation Requirements Document

The use of explosives is strictly prohibited unless the written consent of the commissioner and the Fire Department is obtained. 2.2 Underpinning Construction Document Requirements In addition to the requirements outlined in Section 2.1 "General Construction Document Requirements", the following shall ...



Watford 01923 22 1111 Mitcham 020 8640 6680 Billericay 01268 711 990 Bristol 01275 844 889 Underpinning Falcon employs experienced, qualified engineers who are able to analyse subsidence problems, and apply appropriate solutions to suit particular foundation failures and ground conditions.



"Underground Construction in Urban Environments" A Specialty Seminar Presented by ASCE Metropolitan Section Geotechnical Group and the Geo-Institute of ASCE May 11 and 12, 2005, New York City UNDERPINNING AND SHORING FOR UNDERGROUND MRI RESEARCH FACILITY AT OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Howard A. Perko ...


AUGER CAST PILE Foundation Underpinning Systems

AUGER CAST PILE Foundation Underpinning Systems JSI Foundations 99 Park Hill Road, West Melbourne Fl 32904 321 729-0255 7' The hollow stem "sectional" augers are 5'-0" in length which allow the piling to be installed in low headroom conditions.


Underpinning solutions of historical constructions

Historical Constructions, P.B. Lourenço, P. Roca (Eds.), Guimarães, 2001 1003 1 INTRODUCTION The development of new underpinning techniques has allowed the adoption of a wide number of


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