An ‘Unconscious’ Landing Plane Lands Itself in Hayfield ...

An ‘Unconscious’ Landing Plane Lands Itself in Hayfield as Pilot Slumbers P HYSICIAN ROBERT F. RAYSER had lifted off in his Comanche 400 from the North Bend, Kansas, airport at 7 a.m., en route for a meeting in Topeka.


The influence of conscious and unconscious factors on ...

The influence of conscious and unconscious factors on consumer choice: Focalism and norms as …


Freudian Repression Conversation Creating the Unconscious

1 1 Introduction 'Freudian repression'-the very phrase is ambiguous. At first glance, it indicates quite simply Freud'stheoryof repression. Freud believed that people repress, or drive from their conscious minds, shameful thoughts that, then, become unconscious.


Unconscious Cognition Reclaimed

New Look 3 Unconscious Cognition Reclaimed Anthony G. Greenwald University of Washington Recent research has established several empirical results that are widely agreed to merit description in terms of unconscious cognition.


Unconscious Behavioral Guidance Systems

1 Unconscious Behavioral Guidance Systems John A. Bargh Department of Psychology, Yale University Ezequiel Morsella Department of Psychology, San Francisco State University; Department of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco Chapter to appear in C. Agnew, D. Carlston, W. Graziano ...


Unconscious mind for solving problems

Unconscious mind for solving problems . Sleeping on a problem is a common strategy successful people use for finding solutions. Unconscious mental


Social Motivation Conscious and Unconscious Processes

Contents About the Editors page xi List of Contributors xiii Preface xvii 1Social Motivation: Introduction and Overview 1 JosephP. Forgas, Kipling D. Williams, and Simon M. Laham parti. conscious and unconscious social motivation: general issues 2 Multiple Goals, Optimal Motivation, and the ...


Nalimov VV "Realms of the Unconscious: The Enchanted Frontier ...

Chapter 11 Meditation' A. Introduction: Meditation as an Entrance into Altered States of Consciousness Freud must be acknowledged to have been the first scholar in contemporary European culture who started to develop experimental data for the study of the unconscious.


Cognition, unconscious processes

Cognition, unconscious processes John F. Kihlstrom 1. The Psychological Unconscious The psychological unconscious refers to mental structures and processes that influence a person's ongoing experience, thought, and action outside of conscious awareness ( Kihlstrom, 1987).


The Psychological Unconscious: Found, Lost, and Regained

In response to Greenwald's article on contemporary research on unconscious mental processes, the authors address three issues: (a) the independence of much recent research and theory from psychodynamic formulations; (b) the broad sweep of the psychological unconscious, including implicit ...


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