The Psychological Unconscious Found, Lost, and Regained

The Psychological Unconscious Found, Lost, and Regained John F. Kihlstrom, Terrence M. Barnhardt, and Douglas J. Tataryn University of Arizona In response to Greenwald's article on contemporary research on unconscious mental processes, the authors address three issues: (a) the independence of ...


Evaluating the Unconscious Patient

Evaluating the Unconscious Patient HCTA Medical Director, Cathy Carrubba, M.D., FACEP, MPH Supplement to July 2000 HCTA Newsletter What is consciousness?


The Psychoanalytic and the Cognitive Unconscious

Freud's concept of the unconscious and the properties attributed to it represent the most interesting and the most conceptually challenging of psychoanalytic ideas and formulations.


Perception as Unconscious Inference

5 Perception as Unconscious Inference GARYHATFIELD Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, USA Consider fora moment the spatial and chromatic dimensions of your visual experience.


Unconscious Emotion

action that are attributable to one'semotionalstate, independent of his or her conscious awareness of that state. (p. 432) Unconscious Elicitation of Conscious Affective Reactions Research advances in the past few years challenge the traditional view by demonstrating''unconscious emotion,''at ...



Thus, the dassicinfor-mation-processing model, by regarding attention and rehearsal as prerequisites fora full-fledged cognitive analysis of the stimulus, and by implicitly identifying consciousness with higher mental process-es, leaves little or no room for the psychological unconscious.


Unconscious Racism: A Concept in Pursuit of a Measure

ANRV348-SO34-13 ARI 4June20088:21 Implicit measure: an indirect measure that does not require declarative knowledge of one'sstandingon the construct being assessed Implicit association test (IAT): an experimental method designed to measure the strength of associations linking social categories ...


Integration of the Cognitive and the Psychodynamic Unconscious

Integration of the Cognitive and the Psychodynamic Unconscious Seymour Epstein Cognitive-experiential self-theory integrates the cognitive and the psychodynamic unconscious by assuming the existence of two parallel, interacting modes of information processing: a rational system and an ...



Bobgan Response to Morrison 1 THE UNCONSCIOUS We have already seen that contrary to what Morrison would have us believe, Rushdoony would not support the Freudian/Adlerian ideas as taught by Crabb.


The Unconscious Will: How the Pursuit of Goals Operates ...

The Unconscious Will: How the Pursuit of Goals Operates Outside of Conscious Awareness Ruud Custers*and Henk Aarts* People often actin order to realize desired outcomes, or goals.


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