Ultrasound Outline • What is ultrasound? 1. Sound wave physics 2. Sound energy and its effect on soft tissue • Pulsed non-thermal ultrasound - enhance tissue healing Cavitation and microstreaming • Continuous thermal ultrasound • Contraindication & precautions • Clinical judgment and ...


Ultrasound - Carotid What is Carotid Ultrasound Imaging?

A carotid ultrasound is also performed to: locate a hematoma, a collection of clotted blood that may slow and eventually stop blood flow. detect dissection of the carotid artery, a split between layers of the artery wall that may lead to obstruction of blood flow or a weakening of the wall of ...


Ultrasound - Abdomen What is Ultrasound Imaging of the Abdomen?

an aneurysm in the aorta. Additionally, ultrasound may be used to provide guidance for biopsies. Doppler ultrasound images can help the physician to see and evaluate: blockages to blood flow (such as clots). narrowing of vessels (which may be caused by plaque). tumors and congenital vascular ...


FAQ025 -- Ultrasound Exams

What does ultrasound show? Ultrasound creates pictures of the internal organs of the body from sound waves. There is no radiation involved. The sound waves are directed into a specific area of the body through a transducer .


Sound waves

1 Ultrasound Basic Idea-Send waves into body which are reflected at the interfaces between tissue-Return time of the waves tells us of the depth of the reflecting surface History-First practical application, 1912 unsuccessful search for Titanic-WW II brought massive military research - SONAR ...


Ultrasound Accreditation Program Requirements

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Ultrasound features of the gall bladder in infants presenting ...

Ultrasound features of the gall bladder in infants presenting with conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia 1 P FARRANT, DMU, 1 H B MEIRE, FRCR and 2 G MIELI-VERGANI, MD, PhD


Ultrasonography in Horses

Miscellaneous Ultrasound examinations can also be performed on the respiratory system (e.g., to assess pneumonia or pleuritis), other internal organs, ...


Diagnostic Ultrasound Safety

1 Diagnostic Ultrasound Safety A summary of the technical report "Exposure Criteria for Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound: II. Criteria Based on all Known Mechanisms" issued by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements Physicians have used ultrasound to make images of the inside ...


Ultrasound -Chapter 16 Bushberg-Lectures 2 and 3

Ultrasound -Chapter 16 Bushberg-Lectures 2 and 3 Diagnostic Imaging Physics Course 29 November-13 December 2007 Kalpana M. Kanal, Ph.D. 1 Ultrasound -Chapter 16 Ultrasound -Chapter 16 Kalpana Kanal, Ph.D., DABR Kalpana Kanal, Ph.D., DABR Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Physics Assistant ...


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