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Position Description Guidelines for SFOS

further explain or specify justification in UAKJOBS. 3) Current org. chart, illustrating position’s placement within the organization (and

How Career Services Can Work for You

On-campus employment: Go to the UA Jobs online system, Off-campus employment : Career Services provides a different online system which allows students to search for and apply to current job openings.

UAF Human Resources: Organizational Chart

... Data Entry Manager & HR Consultant Jennifer Youngberg Student Assistant Patricia Miller Sr. HR Consultant & Manager Yvonne McHenry Asst to Director Flor Banks HR Consultant HR Consultant Inna Conner Jr HR Consultant Claire Morton HR Consultant Shelly Hall Associate Director Brad Lobland Lead Student & UAKjobs Help Desk ...

Definitions: Non-exempt - Employees who do not meet any one ...

Definitions: Non-exempt - Employees who do not meet any one of the Fair Labor Standards Act's exemption tests and is paid on an hourly basis and covered by wage and hour laws regarding minimum wage, overtime pay, and hours worked.

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