Types Of Wetlands In Trinidad

Nariva Swamp Ramsar Site, Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies ...

The Nariva Swampt includes a diverse mosaic of vegetation types: tropical forest, to swamp forest, palm swamp forest, mangrove areas ... Wetlands management in Trinidad and Tobago. In: Wetlands Management in the Caribbean and the role of Forestry and Wetlands in the Economy (Eds: A.E. Lugo and B ...


Nariva Swamp Ramsar Site, Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies ...

The Nariva Swamp includes a diverse mosaic of vegetat ion types: tropical forest, swamp forest, palm swamp forest, mangrove areas ... Wetlands management in Trinidad and Tobago. In: A. E. Lugo and B. Bayle, editors.


Threats to Wetlands

Percentage of Wetlands Acreage Lost, 1780s-1980s Destroying or degrading wetlands can lead to serious consequences, such as increased ... The Wetland Fact Sheet Series Wetlands Overview Funding Wetland Projects Types of Wetlands Wetland Monitoring & Assessment Functions & Values of Wetlands Sustainable ...


Coastal and Marine Ecosystems-- Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Central America & Caribbean World Fish Consumption and Trade, 2000 (cont'd) Fish Protein ... legends of these maps were harmonized into 15 different tropical and 11 non-tropical forest types ... it agrees to designate at least one wetland for inclusion in the List of Wetlands of International ...



7 (a) The National Wetland Policy of Trinidad and Tobago states that the "Wetlands of Trinidad and Tobago will be protected, managed and restored in order to sustain and enhance their ecological and socio-economic values and function for current and future generations.


Chapter 3, Wetland Functions: Wetlands - A World in Our Backyard

51 A World in Our Backyard Chapter III: Wetland Functions Chapter III Wetland Functions Wetlands have traditionally received ìa bad rapî ñ theyíve been thought of as wastelands, as buggy, mucky places suitable only for murder mysteries.


CBD First National Report - Trinidad

Mangroves and wetlands are a habitat for waterfowl species like the Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber), which are of great popularity not only ... APPENDIX Brief summary of Trinidad and Tobago's biota Trinidad & Tobago Forest Types 1) RAINFOREST - Wet most months of the year; seasonality is slight ...



... TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO BOLIVIA CHINA Carbon Built-up land Fishing ground Forest Grazing land Cropland 10 World Wetlands Day Nearly 2 billlion people already ... RAMSAR CONVENTION ON WETLANDS COmmuNICATING ThE WETLAND mESSAGE 14 World Wetlands Day W e ALL have a role to play in actually dealing with climate change and ...



Any of the four types of freshwater wetlands can be found in Pennsylvania, which are bogs, swamps, marshes, and fens. The most common are swamps and marshes.


Wetland Ecosystems

Wetlands near the Great Lakes occur as three distinct types: fringing coastal marshes that are directly impacted by lake levels and wave action; riverine wetlands that are partially influenced by both lake and river; and protected lagoons or barrier beach systems that are hydrologically connected to ...


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