High Tunnel Melon and Watermelon Production

High Tunnel Melon and Watermelon Production High tunnels are low-cost, passive, solar greenhouses which use no fossil fuels for heating or venting.


How to build a high tunnel

How to build a high tunnel Amanda Ferguson Department of Horticulture University of Kentucky High tunnels are used primarily as season-extenders. The sunny days in March and April in Kentucky can warm tunnels, allowing production of warm-season crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers.


High Tunnel Strawberry Production

Table 1. Strawberry varieties tested for Utah high tunnels. January 2010 Horticulture/HighTunnels/2010-01pr High Tunnel Strawberry Production Daniel Rowley , Graduate Student, Brent Blac k, Extension Fruit ...


Five Star Polytunnels

Polytunnels and Accessories Five Star Polytunnels Five Star Polytunnels Cellan, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 8HU Sales, Workshop and Information Telephone 01570 421580 www.polytunnels.me. uk [email protected]


Basis of Design

U NIVERSITY OF W ASHINGTON Civil Facilities Services Design Guide Utility Tunnels and Trenches Basis of Design This section applies to reinforced concrete utility tunnels and trenches.



SBA -H S PECIAL B UILDING A REAS -H T UNNELS N OVEMBER , 2005 P AGE 1 OF 7 T UNNELS General The University of Michigan central campus has an extensive array of tunnels used for distribution of utilities, primarily from the Central Power Plant.


Fall-bearing Raspberries in High Tunnels

November 2009 Horticulture/HighTunnels/2009-01pr Fall-bearing Raspberries in High Tunnels Daniel Rowley, Graduate Student , Brent Black, Extension Fruit Specialist, and Dan Drost , Extension Vegetable Specialist ...



1 HIGHWAY TUNNELS OF OREGON (Listed Chronologically by Year of Completion) NAME/LOCATION OWNERSHIP DATE LENGTH (Feet) VERTICAL CLEARANCE (Feet) HORIZONTAL CLEARANCE (Feet) LINING PORTALS CRITERIA Oneonta Tunnel No.1759 Historic MP 34.0 Historic Columbia River Highway, Multnomah County Owned by ...


Seismic Design of Tunnels

Seismic Design of Tunnels A Simple State-of-the-Art Design Approach 1991 William Barclay Parsons Fellowship Parsons Brinckerhoff Monograph 7 Jaw-Nan (Joe) Wang, Ph.D., P.E. Professional Associate Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc. June 1993


High Tunnels - Using Low-Cost Technology to Increase Yields,

High Tunnels . Using Low-Cost Technology to Increase Yields, Improve Quality and Extend the Season . By Ted Blomgren and Tracy Frisch . Produced by Regional Farm and Food Project and Cornell University


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