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Rear-steer is a popular option for rock crawlers, but it requires a 3-channel radio that will set you back at least $100. Or, you can modify a Traxxas TQ3 transmitter and get the setup for $5 (if you already have a TQ3), or $30 (that’s about how much it will cost you to get the $5 RadioShack ...

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To ready the Traxxas TQ3 radio for operation, you'll need to have 8 AA batteries on hand. I strongly recommend using quality batteries, not cheap ones from a discount store.

RC4WD Rock Crawling Guide (Version 4)

Many people also modify the Traxxas TQ3 radios for rock crawling; you can find more info on or thecrawlerstore. com Servo: Hitec HS-645MG (Part # 32645) is a very commonly used servo for rock crawling.

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Il radiocomando Traxxas TQ3 a 3 canali. Il radiocomando fornito di serie con il Revo ha una portata di circa 200m., e può comandare 3 funzioni separate.

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