10 Tips for Working with Transgender Individuals

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High-Impact HIV Prevention: CDC's Approach to Reducing HIV ...

Community-Based HIV Prevention for Young MSM and Transgender Persons of Color CDC funding: $50 million total, FY2012-FY2016 (assumes level funding) ...

Frequently asked questions about transgender PeoPle

How many transgender people are tHere? We don't know for sure the answer to this question. There are a number of reasons for that. First, there really isn't anyone collecting this data.

The Transsexual Phenomenon

This .PDF File has been downloaded from The Transgender Zone http://tzone.mem The Transsexual Phenomenon Harry Benjamin, M.D The Julian Press, Inc.

Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men: A ...

1 Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men: A Guide For Health Care Providers

Transgender Legal Issues

This document is intended to provide general information only and cannot provide guidance or legal advice as to one'sspecific situation. Moreover, the law is constantly changing and evolving and this publication is based upon the information that is known to us as of this printing.

Virginia Transgender Resource and Referral List

Updated August 8, 2011 Virginia Transgender Resource and Referral List The Virginia Department of Health, Division of Disease Prevention & The Virginia Transgender Taskforce, On behalf of the Virginia HIV Community Planning Group

VHA Dir 2011-024, Providing Health Care for Transgender and ...

Department of Veterans Affairs VHA DIRECTIVE 2011-024 . Veterans Health Administration . Washington, DC 20420 June 9, 2011 . PROVIDING HEALTH CARE FOR TRANSGENDER AND INTERSEX VETERANS


TRANSGENDER The term transgender refers to a diverse group of individuals whose gender does not match their biological sex at birth. It is an umbrella term that describes a wide range of gender-variant groups and individuals, from those who engage intrans gender behavior on occasion, such as ...

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Transgender Resources p.1 Gay& Lesbian Advocates & Defenders 30 Winter Street, Suite 800 Boston, MA02108 Phone: 617.426.1350 OR 800.455.4523 Fax: 617.426.3594 Website: Transgender Resources Updated January 2012 NOTE: Please notify GLAD’s Legal InfoLine Manager, Bruce Bell, at ...

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