Tristan und Isolde as Hegelian Tragedy

Tristan und Isolde as Hegelian Tragedy Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde is often noted for the heavy influence it draws from the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer.


ILLUSTRATIONS 1. Hamlet , 1603 Quarto. Sigsh2 v-h3 r. Courtesy of the Huntington Library. page 82 2. Herbert Beerbohm Tree'sproductionof Antony and Cleopatra at His Majesty'sTheatre, London, December 1906.

Some Thoughts About Tragedy (Both Literary and Mundane):

Some Thoughts About Tragedy (Both Literary and Mundane): "We participate in tragedy. At comedy we only look."--Aldous Huxley "I've never thought of my characters as being sad.

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Aristotle, Morality, Tragedy

E - L O G O S ELECTRONIC JOURNAL FOR PHILOSOPHY/2008 ISSN 1211-0442 Action and Hamartia in Aristotle's Poetics. Philip Tonner Abstract In what follows we outline Aristotle's philosophy of tragedy in his Poetics paying particular attention to his account of action and hamartia .


Available at TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS SIMULATION Student Lab Template Tori Haidinger Abstract This activity allows students to explore the "tragedy of the commons," in which common usage of a limi ted, potentially renewable resource invariably leads to its exploitation.

Choosing Tragedy in Vietnam

1 David E. Kaiser American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Origins of the Vietnam War Cambridge: Harvard University Press (March 2000) 576 pages ISBN: 0674002253 Fredrik Logevall Choosing War: The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam Berkeley: University California Press ...

Introduction to Hegel's Theory of Tragedy MARK W. ROCHE

PhaenEx 1, no. 2 (fall/winter 2006): 11-20 © 2006 Mark W. Roche Introduction to Hegel's Theory of Tragedy M ARK W. R OCHE Next to Aristotle's account of tragedy, the theory of tragedy developed by the German philosopher G. W. F. Hegel (1770-1831) has become the most studied and quoted in the West.

The Tragedyofthe Commons

We may well call it"the tragedy of the commons,"using the word"tragedy"as the philosopher Whitehead used it ( 7 ): "The es-senceofdramatic tragedy is not unhappiness. It resides in ...

Tragedy or Destiny?

Tragedy or Destiny? Spencer W. Kimball , Faith Precedes the Miracle ( Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1972.), pp.95-106 The daily newspaper screamed the headlines: "Plane Crash Kills 43.

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