Download 17 Note: See specific model information. Not all features available on all models. *As rated by engine manufacturer. ATTACHMENT FIT-UP TractorBaggerSnow bladeSnow ThrowerWheel Wt Standard Chains (E) Sleeve HitchMulch Kit25003N/A2441424837/24831262342486824586N/A25005N/A2441424837 ...

The Tractor and Its Attachments

Forward The Ten Commandments of Tractor Safety From the Begining... Know Your Tractor Children ROPS Start Up Additional Safety Items Speed Safety Labels Hillsides Dress Properly Stormy Weather Check the Work Area The Drawbar Hitch Who's Your Operator?

Improving Tractor Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Improving Tractor Performance and Fuel Efficiency Mike Staton 1, Tim Harrigan 2 and Reed Turner 3 Setting up a tractor for optimum performance takes time and effort but produces significant returns by reducing fuel consumption, field time, drive train or tire wear and soil compaction.

4-H 1/16 Model Tractor Pulling – Engineering and Design ...

1 4-H 1/16 Model Tractor Pulling – Engineering and Design Guidelines Grade Divisions: Division 1 Beginner - Grades 3 – 5 Division 2 Intermediate – Grades 6 – 8

Carburetor Number Location Diagram

16 Where are my CARBURETOR NUMBERS? ON-LINE CA TA LOG: [email protected] B Orders only (800) 234-3280 • Technical Assistance (810) 621-3000 • Fax (810) 621-3099 or (800) 854-1373 Replacement parts only, Not OEM • Prices subject to change without notice ...

Used Equipment List 1-24-2012

Tucson Tractor Company Used and Rental Equipment Price List as of 1/24/2012 Stock No. Make Year Model Quick Specs Serial Number Hours Sale Price *TT8212 Ingersoll Rand 2007 DD-118HF 79" wide Dual Drum 193646 835 105,000 UM8346 Bomag 2006 BW141AD-4 59" wide Dual Drum 101920001078 759 73,000 ...

Farm Owner Dies during Tractor Overturn (Case Report: 04NY077)

STATE OF NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH F ATALITY A SSESSMENT AND C ONTROL E VALUATION Farm Owner Dies during Tractor Overturn Case Report: 04NY077 SUMMARY On August 9 th, 2004 a 76-year-old dairy farm owner was fatally injured when the tractor he was operating overturned, pinning him underneath ...

Traction and Tractor Performance

ASAE DISTINGUISHED LECTURE SERIES Tractor Design No. 27 Traction and Tractor Performance Frank M. Zoz and Robert D. Grisso These lectures have been developed to provide in-depth resource information for engineers in the agricultural industry.

Farm Tractor Safety

Today's farmers and Agricultural workers are exposed to many on-the-job hazards, which result in a death rate five times greater than all other industries averaged together. • 52 fatalities for every 100,000 workers • Nearly half of these involve tractors • 300 tractor fatalities annually ...

Select the correct attachment Universal Tractor Attachments

Select the correct attachment Universal Tractor Attachments These tractor attachments These tractor attachments mount using a hitch pin (included with Craftsman and Agri-Fab brand attachments) and will fit and work with any bdftthi brands of tractor having a rear hitch plate on the tractor

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