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aaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaa a The TotalPay® Visa® Card Account Experience the ease & reliability of direct deposit through an ADP TotalPay® VISA® card account •ADPTotalPay®VISA®card accounts allow cardholders to receive their funds electronically -even if they do not havea personal bank account.

ADP TotalPay® Card Overview

ADP TotalPay® Card Overview The TotalPay Card is a Visa ® debit card that is automatically loaded with your earnings each payday. It offers the same flexibility and benefits of a Visa

ADP TotalPay® Card

Introducing a faster, easier, safer way to get paid. Would you like the advantages of receiving your paycheck electronically without the need for a traditional bank account?

TotalPay iNET Web User Guide

TotalPay ® iNET Web Site User Guide (For Employers) The information contained herein constitutes proprietary and confidential information of ADP. It must not be copied, transmitted, or distributed in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, or other, including photocopy, recording, or ...

Dear Premium Retail Rep -

Dear Premium Retail Rep - We are very pleased to announce that Premium Retail Services now pays our merchandisers by the ADP TotalPay Card (prepaid debit card).

TotalPay iNET Enrollment Form

Internet Security Registration ADP ® Internet Security ( Add Client and Client User(s) Please complete this form which will allow access to ADP internet products and set up users in your company.

Paperless Payroll ADP TotalPay Program

Paperless Payroll ADP TotalPay Program Take charge of your pay with the new ADP TotalPay® Network Checks and Debit Card! Oakwood adopts a new ADP TotalPay ® Network program that provides employees that do not have direct deposit the ability to receive their pay faster and safer then ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

TotalPay ® Card Frequently Asked Questions Q. Do I have to apply for the TotalPay ® Card? Is there an approval process? Q. Do I have to apply for the TotalPay ® Card?


T&FSHRD-506-040604 T OTAL P AY C ARD F REQUENTLY A SKED Q UESTIONS A BOUT T OTAL P AY C ARD What is TotalPay Card? TotalPay Card is a personalized, Visa-branded prepaid card.

Cardholder Frequently Asked Questions—ADP TotalPay Card FAQs

Cardholder Frequently Asked Questions—ADP TotalPay Card FAQs . Where can I use my TotalPay ® Card? You will be able to use your TotalPay Card at any merchant that welcomes Visa debit cards.

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