Torah: Sh∂mot/Exodus 21:1~24:18 Haftarah: Yirmeyahu ...

First: The Hebrew phrase for ≥the Ten Words¥ is (ah-seh-reht ha-dee-broat) aseret ha-dibrot . Dibrot is plural

An Augmentation

W hen discussing scriptural issues there seems to be a prevalent lack of understanding in regard to the concept of the Torah of Moses (Old Covenant) and its relationship to the Abrahamic Coventants of Promise.


I T H AT THE TORAH OF HASHEM SHOULD BE IN YOUR MOUTH Our Parashah is the first to introduce Mitzvot which are an expression of the unique and exclusive relationship between G-d and the B'nei Yisra'el (note the comments of Rashi on B'resheet 1:1).

The Torah

The Torah by David ben Shaul 07/31/09 Identifying the Torah: When speaking of Torah we are specifically referring to the first five books of our scriptures.

HALLEL (IV) hp rcsh wv ,kv, Analysis of Psalm 116 - zwwye ...

I INTRODUCTION (PART 4) In the previous essay, we noted that the "skipped Hallel" is said on those days (Rosh Chodesh, remaining days of Pesach) when the Halakhah does not mandate its recital, but common custom dictates some form of praise/song.


Torah Academy of Boca Raton and officers, staff or agents from lawsuit, claim, demand or action, etc. that may be brought against them for administering prescribed and non prescription medication as directed by the


So much so that He had to make it clear to them that He hadn't come to destroy the Torah and the Prophets . The majority of the Jews missed it. They stumbled at the stone.

The Torah and the Rapture

The Torah and the Rapture? When John McKee asked me to write concerning the Torah's teaching on the rapture, I was delighted. What? The Torah doesn't say anything about the rapture, you may quip.

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Summer 2004 18 Torah Family For the Parents:

Torah, Torah Study, and Torah Reflections: An Introduction By ...

Page 1 of 3 3330 Geary Blvd • 3 rd Floor West • San Francisco, CA 94118 • (415) 750-4197 • [email protected] Torah, Torah Study, and Torah Reflections: An Introduction By Rabbi Natan Fenner Torah Study and Healing Jewish tradition sees in the words of the Torah a rich treasury ...

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