Endo 9 Heithersay

Australian Dental Journal Endodontic Supplement 2007;52:1. S105 Management of tooth resorption GS Heithersay* Abstract A correct diagnosis and an understanding of the aetiology and dynamics of the processes involved in tooth resorption is critical to effective management.

The same thing can happen to your teeth. The same thing can ...

A patient’s guide to tooth erosion and better oral care The same thing can happen to your teeth. The same thing can happen to your teeth. WHAT MAKES AN AGD DENTIST

Replacing a Missing Tooth

11/1997 Replacing a Missing Tooth Patients born with cleft lip and/or palate often find that they are missing one or more teeth, most often the lateral incisor (immediately next to the front central incisor).

A Key to the Common Genera of Neogene Shark Teeth

5 Tooth Types and Morphological Variation Basic Tooth Types Do you know which position in the jaw your shark tooth comes from? In identifying shark teeth, ...

Treatment Options for the Compromised Tooth

Treatment *Options*for*the*Compromised*Tooth* - Nonendodontically Treated Tooth 4 * Treatment *Options*for*the*Compromised*Tooth*-*A*Decision*Guide External Resorption The photographs/radiographs below illustrate favorable outcomes for our patients.

Tooth Formation and Developmental Defects

Tim Wright DDS, MS Department of Pediatric Dentistry The University of North Carolina Tooth Formation Tooth Formation and and Developmental Developmental Defects Defects Odontogenesis Odontogenesis Tooth formation is highly regulated at the molecular level • terminal differentiation of ...


DENTAL - TOOTH EXTRACTION (ISS MED/3A - ALL/FIN) Page 1 of 3 pages 22 AUG 00 NOTE Tooth Extraction is a last resort and is reserved only for those cases where pain is excessive or an infective process has set in and the amount of time remaining for the mission is ...

Do you have a cracked tooth?

JADA, Vol. 134, April2003 531 W hen you bite down, you feel a sharp pain. It quickly disappears, and perhaps you ignore it. You avoid certain foods or chew only on one side of your mouth.

Primary Tooth Pulp Therapy

Biologic Consideration of Regional Necrosis  Pulpal changes are observed at the initiation of a carious lesion in enamel  The pulpal response increases in severity (hyperemia) with the advancing lesion  Elimination of minor lesions may result reversal of pulpal inflammation  If not ...

Tooth mobility and periodontal therapy

Journal of Clinical Periodoniology: 1980: 7: 495-505 Key wordsL Tooth mobility - periodontitis ~ therapy. Accepted for publication November 21, 1979 Tooth mobility and periodontai therapy THOMAS I, FLESZAR, JAMES W, KNOWLES, EDITH C, MORRISON, FREDERICK G, BURGETT, ROBERT R, NISSLE AND SIGURD P ...

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