Instructional Leadership Through Classroom Walk Throughs (PDF)

Providing Instructional Leadership Through Classroom Walk-Throughs Instructional Leadership Through Classroom Walk Throughs (PDF)

Classroom Walk-Throughs

Classroom Walk-Throughs Donald Kachur, Workshop Presenter Classroom Walk-Throughs The role of the instructional leader—serving as a coach, supporter, and resource to teachers in their professional development and in the improvement of their classroom, teaching skills—is frequently one of the ...

Using Walk-Throughs to Gather Data for School Improvement

PREVIEW Walk-throughs are a valuable source of instructional data for teachers and administrators. Detailed written observations that include a probing question to prompt reflection encourage teachers to assess and improve their practice.

Walk throughs-Snapshots of Learning 10 07

Expected Outcomes: Expected Outcomes: Understand the purpose of observational walk-throughs and the valueof reflective questioning Understand the use of a


L ITERACY W ALK -T HROUGHS Description Literacy walk-throughs provide school leaders with an opportunity to collect real-time data that reveal the literacy instructional practices used throughout the school building.

Classroom Walk-Throughs

Classroom Walk-Throughs Process developed by Carol J. Downey, San Diego, CA Overview: The classroom walk-through is an informal, non-evaluative means to observe teaching and is meant to encourage reflective dialogue among teachers, administrators, peers, or others who coach or mentor them.

GA Walk-Throughs

GA Walk-Throughs Learning Focus Monitoring In an effort for administrators to team closely with teachers in practicing the Learning Focus strategies, the administrative team will be conducting routine classroom walk-Throughs during the beginning of the first and second semester.

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Using Classroom Walkthroughs to Improve Instruction

Reflection after walkthroughs is built around that conc ept, as described by Skretta (2007): "The best walk-throughs give teachers relevant, real-time data on their instruct ion ...

Operating Expense Pass-throughs

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