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1 TF32 TF32, time-frequency analysis software program for 32-bit Windows (98/NT/2000/XP) superceding CSpeechforDOS, records, displays, analyses, and plays speech or other audio-frequency waveforms.

Sapienza, C.M. & Wheeler, K.M. (2006). Respiratory muscle ...

made with TF32 and Cool Edit software and included fundamental frequency, jitter %, shimmer %, signal-to-noise ratio, mean root-mean-square intensity, fundamental

General Phonetics LING 306

help with acoustic analysis software . You will be required to do some acoustic analysis of your voice and the files on the Ladefoged CD. Two free software packages will be used in class on a fairly regular basis: TF32 and Praat.

BETE Custom Solutions Bulletin 089

Industry: Fire Protection Application: Roof Mounted Sprinkler System Product Descriptions: ¾" TF32-150 Situation: The customer was interested in ... BETE's solution: Using BETE's proprietary nozzle trajectory simulation software, the necessary trajectories were generated.

Clinical Bulletin - Dysarthria in Multiple Sclerosis by ...

treated booth, head-mounted microphone, and recording software (such as the CSpeechSP 4.0 or windows-based version TF32, Turbo Pascal 5.5) to objectively measure variations in


Files digitized in CSL were reopened in TF32 (Milenkovic, 2000). Fricatives were identified by the presence of strong aperiodic energy as evidenced in ... Time-frequency analysis for 32-bit Windows [Computer software]. Madison, WI: Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AASHTO Publications Catalog - 2007, Volume 2

... for Polymer Modifi ed Asphalt, item code 3-TF31-1-UL, page 21 Manual for Corrosion Protection of Concrete Components in Bridges, item code 3-TF32-1-UL, ... DARWin 3.1 Opis ® Software for Bridge Design Virtis ® Software for Bridge Rating Software for Design of Pavement Structures AASHTO Survey Data Management System ...

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