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Table of Contents smartbear.com TestComplete by AutomatedQA Corporation 2 Table of Contents INTRODUCING AUTOMATED TESTING AND TESTCOMPLETE ..... 3


Functional Testing of Adobe Flex Applications: Four Benefits ...

4 Functional Testing of Adobe Flex Applications . Figure 2. Replacing constant values with values from the data source. Even if you don’t have a prepared data source, you can make use of TestComplete’s internal smart data generator to automatically produce pseudo-random data for your ...


Getting Started With TestComplete 8

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TestComplete 3.0 Overview for Non-developers

Table of Contents Introduction 1 About TestComplete 1 Basics 2 Types of Testing 4 Visual Test Development 6 White-box Testing 7 The Results Log 7 Conclusion 9 Index 10 Part : Table of Contents TestComplete 3.0 Overview for Non-developers ©2003 by Robert K. Leahey and AutomatedQA Corp.


Automated Testing Bridge TestComplete / SoftwarePlanner

This document explains how to use the SoftwarePlanner Bridge for TestComplete and the Automation Scheduler. User's Guide Automated Testing Bridge TestComplete / SoftwarePlanner SoftwarePlanner Release 9.7.0 October 2011 ALMComplete | QAComplete


TestComplete 7 Made Easy

TestComplete 7 Made Easy by Lino Tadros - Falafel Software Inc. Welcome to TestComplete 7 Made Easy, the new guide to TestComplete 7, the award winning automated testing tool from AutomatedQA Corp.


TestComplete Functional Automation

Copyright © 2010 iThink Technology Solution TestComplete Functional Automation V1.0 Page 1 of 2 TestComplete Functional Automation Course Description This computer based course explains and teaches how to use TestComplete for functional test automation.


MapleWorks’ Assessment of SmartBear Test Complete 8

2 . Introduction . The information presented in this document is based on the following:  Use of SmartBear Test Complete version  Use of Test Complete version 7.52.697.7


SpiraTest/ Spira Team| Automated Unit Testing Integration ...

Date: June 20th, 2011 . SpiraTest / SpiraTeam | Automated Unit Testing . Integration & User Guide . Inflectra Corporation


Best practices for implementing automated functional testing ...

Introduction There is no question that rigorous functional testingis critical to successful application development. The challenge for your developers, QA teams, and management alike is how to speed up testing processes and increase accuracy and completeness— without breaking your already ...


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