Tenor Ukulele Kit

Tenor Ukulele Kit

Tenor Ukulele Kit Assembly Instructions Table of contents Welcome to ukulele building! Getting started ..... 1 Kit parts list..... 1 Recommended tools and supplies ..... 2 Assemble the body Body assembly jig ...



Musicmaker's Kits, Inc, PO Box 2117, Stillwater, MN 651-439-9120 musikit.com last update: 08/18/06 2 Ukulele kit Wood Parts: a - Neck b - Body c - Fretboard d - Tail Piece e - Bridge f - 3 dowels, 1/4" dia g - 2 dowels, 1/8" dia Hardware Parts: 4 - Covered geared tuners 4 - Sleeves 8 - Tiny ...


Soprano Ukulele Kit

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Soprano Ukulele Kit Assembly Instructions Table of contents ... Recommended tools and supplies Stewart-MacDonald's DVD recommendation How To Build a Ukulele Kit Item #5196 Easy step-by-step DVD guide produced especially for our soprano and tenor ukulele kits .


Cigar Box Ukulele Kit Assembly Instructions

www.papasboxes.com www.papasboxes.com 1 Cigar Box Ukulele Kit Assembly Instructions Hi, Thanks for purchasing a Cigar Box Ukulele kit from Papa's Boxes. ... Soprano use box between 7" and 9" long Concert use box between 8" and 10" long Tenor use box between 8" and 10" long Baritone use box between 9" and 11 ...


Wolfelele Uke Kit

ukulele and then learn to play it. The kits are listed on the "wolfelele" website as "soprano", "alto" (concert), "tenor" and "baritone" kits. In addition, there is a three-string model. Each kit contains the precut


How to Make a Cigar Box Ukulele

The Ukulele has transcended its origins, and can be used to play many kinds of music. The Ukulele normally appears in 4 sizes. Here is a reference chart: Size Name Scale Length Length Overall Body Length Soprano (standard) 13" (33cm) 21" (53cm) 9-1/2" Concert 15" (38cm) 23" (58cm) 11" Tenor 17" (43cm) 26" (66cm) 12" Baritone 19" ...


At last, a book for Kiwi ukulele players!

Perfect for complete novices as well as intermediate-level players, Kiwi Ukulele is the first-ever ukulele book for Kiwis. A teacher resource kit will be ... of a ukulele: strings, frets, low vs re-entrant G, numbering of strings Choosing a ukulele: cheap vs costly, brands, sizes (soprano, concert, tenor ...


Me and My Ukes

Me and My Ukes (continued): Pono PTO Tenor: I played nothing but the Pono for months after I bought it. ... Stewmac kit soprano (officially Scorpex Ukulele 001): I had to have a go at building a uke, and have built several since for others.


Star-Makers and the Music Biz

Behold the Ohana TK-80 tenor ukulele. This beautiful tenor uke features solid myrtle back and sides and a solid Port Orford Cedar top trimmed in maple with a rope ... As far as the goal of giving kids a fun do-it-yourself ukulele kit that is practically idiot-proof and requires no special skills and no special ...


Beginner Lesson • Chords

... Lesson • Tuning There are a number of tunings but for the soprano, the concert and the tenor ukes ... tuner will pick up the other ambiant sounds in the room and it may be harder to tune your ukulele. ... AND SCARE THEM A-WAY WITH ONE BARK CHORUS C7 I DON'T WANT A BUN-NY OR A KIT-TY ...


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