Muffins (flour, salt, leavening agent, sugar, oil, milk and egg) • Batter • Very little gluten development: mixing method: muffin method - liquid added to dry ingredients • Too much mixing: gluten development → peaks and tunnels • Increased sugar and fat: tenderizes; interferes with gluten ...


Marinating Meat Safely

The acid also tenderizes. So, the purpose of a marinade is very similar to earlier centuries: to tenderize and flavor. HOW LONG TO MARINATE? The purpose of the marinating time is to allow the marinade to soak as deeply into the food as possible.


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QUICK BREADS Function • Fat shortens and tenderizes by coating the gluten in dough. Pastries that are said to be "short" are crisp and crumbly because they are made with a large proportion of butter or other shortening.


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Sugar sweetens and tenderizes cake. It also helps to brown the crust. Generally, granulated sugar is used unless the recipe calls for brown or confectioner's sugar.


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crunchy deep fried loaded with nutrients tender chicken strips buttermilk yogurt tenderizes whole grain bread absorbed loaded with flavor honey mustard sauce tangy marinated above average egg-coated crispy coating breadcrumbs moist golden brown salad dressing iceberg lettuce stuffed crust buttery barbecue Meat can be prepared… well done ...


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The tumbling process increases your yield, tenderizes your product, reduces your cooking time and evenly distributes the flavor profile throughout your product.


Sled Dog Stew

Sled Dog Stew An original recipe by Executive Chef William Cornelius formerly of the Ginny Lee at Wagner Vineyards. A winter "Brew Stew" flavored with Wagner Valley's hearty Sled Dog Doppelbock that tenderizes and sweetens the stew as it creates a full, richly flavored gravy.



During treatment by hydrodynamic shock waves, the rapid movement of an explosively (explosively-generated hydrodynamic shock wave [EHSW]) or electrically (high voltage arc discharge Hydrodyne™ [HVADH]) generated shock wave through a raw boneless skinless muscle food mechanically tenderizes the sample ...


Herrdale Acres Grass Fed Beef

The meat is initially dry aged for three weeks in their cooler, which tenderizes and help to flavor the beef, available approximately four weeks after ordering.


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required. • Because freezing stops the aging process that tenderizes meat, aging should be allowed to proceed to the desired level before freezing.


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