Take the first step in becoming part of the Techo-Pro ...

Take the first step in becoming part of the Techo-Pro Advantage Program and fill out your application today! Be sure to provide all information and attach requested documents with your application.


Techo-Bloc, Inc. Tech Specs ICPI TECH SPEC NUMBER · 5 Cleaning, Sealing and Joint Sand Stabilization of Interlocking Concrete Pavement © 1995 ICPI Tech Spec No. 5 · Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute-Revised June 2004 When properly installed, interlocking concrete pavements have very ...

Preliminary design assistance of retaining walls

Preliminary design assistance of retaining walls information technical Techo-Bloc can help you in your preliminary design of retaining walls which fall outside the bounds of the Design Charts.


ATAS INTERNATIONAL, INC. SPECIFICATION DATA SHEET 1. PRODuCT NAmE TECHO TILE™ SCT400 2. mANuFACTuRER ATAS INTERNATIONAL, INC. Website: Email: [email protected] Corporate Headquarters: Allentown, PA 18106 Phone: (610) 395-8445 Fax: (610) 395-9342 Western Facility: Mesa, AZ 85204 Phone ...


WALL INSTALLATION GUIDE WALL TECHO-SPEC84-01-02 AA N.B. The inserts will be placed in the front slot for a vertical wall and in the back slot for an inclined wall.

2010 RETAIL Price List

& rec. $2.95 sq ft 3036 techo colossal $4.55 sq ft 3037 techo elena $4.52 sq ft 3038 techo hera $3.90 sq ft 3039 techo mista $4.70 sq ft 3040t techo olympia $4.86 sq ft 3041p techo permea $5.18 sq ft 3042 techo rondo $3.90 sq ft 3043 techo rotondo $5.45 sq ft 3045t techo santorini $4.86 sq ft 3046t techo tetra $4.82 sq ft

Techo Tile is a metal panel with a deep configuration in the ...

The advantage of metal over other roof materials, such as clay, concrete, wood, or other compounds are numerous. Metal does not break, chip, mildew, warp, rot, grow fungus, or absorb moisture.

Techo-Bloc Installation Seminar at Timothy's

Come out and learn from the experts. A Techo-Bloc representative will be on site to teach you the basic installation of Techo-Bloc pavers and retaining walls.

Instrucciones de Instalación de la TurbinaI n s t ructions d ...

Este ajuste debe ser hecho ANTES de anclar el vierteaguas base de anclaje al techo. Afloje el tornillo de la grampa. Coloque la unidad de base plana sobre el techo y gire la sección de pila ajustable superior a una posición vertical (Ver Recuadro).

Techo-Bloc 2010 PK Training

Techo-Bloc 2010 PK Training SRW Applications & Technical Specifications Agenda •Introductions •Hardscape Systems •Walls •NCMA & Resources •SRW applications and benefits •Trends •SRW Competitors •Performance •Codes/Specs •Geotextiles & Geogrids Introductions ...

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