Taxi Log Sheets

Logisticare - Driver's Trip Log

Logisticare - Driver's Trip Log DATE OF SERVICE: * / * / VEHICLE TYPE: *-.-EDAI\D * WHEELCHAIR PROVIDER: Executive 2000 Taxi VEHICLE NUMBER: DRIVER'S NAME: LICENSE PLATE #: LCI JOB# (office use only) CLIENT NAME (office use only) L or W?


DAILY BUSINESS LOG SH EET DAILY BUSINESS LOG SHEET. 10-99 DAILY BUSINESS LOG SH EET Name: Month of Day of Month Hours Worked Per Day INCOME RECEIVED (Attach Sales Receipts, Bank Deposits Slips, Etc.) EXPENSES PAID OUT (Attach Receipts) Total Income Per Day Costs Description of Items Total Costs ...

RE: Revised Passenger Regulations

PC&N (Class C-Taxi and Class C-Charter Carriers) In addition to meeting the requirements set out in 103-133(4) above, applicants for a Certificate of ... General mechanical condition Spare tire, jack, etc. Passenger receipt book Driver identification badge Manifest book Hours of service log lnspection ...


MILEAGE TRIP SHEET. MILEAGE TRIP SHEET COMPANY NAME MONTH UNIT NUMBER YEAR DRIVER NAME Trip Dates Beginning Odometer Reading Ending or Jurisdiction Line Reading Miles Jurisdiction Fuel Purchases Trip Origin Trip Destination Routes of Travel MONTHLY TOTALS


The DRS Summary Sheet is designed to record for each survey day the totals on the individual DRS Vehicle Trip Sheets. This is demonstrated by the first line of the DRS Summary Sheet example in Appendix B, which records the totals at the bottom of the DRS Vehicle Trip Sheet example in Appendix A.

Guide to maintaining roadworthiness

You should also ascertain that the agent/ contractor is in possession of an inspection manual and has suitable inspection sheets. Key information It is essential to have a written contract that setsout precise details of vehicles covered and frequency and type of check, along with a repair policy.

of the

delivery driver or a taxi driver until you have had your Jr. Operator’s License for 1 year, or ... DRIVING PRACTICE LOG SHEET . Applicant’s Name: Applicant’s Address (Street/P.O. Box/City/State/Zip): ... additional sheets if necessary. g practice must fill in the fields

Log Book

24 How to use your Log Book Each time you drive a car, you must record the details on the forms that follow. The log book must be completed accurately and honestly.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

CITY OF NEWBURGH TAXICAB COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST Inspections shall conform to the New York State law: □ Brakes □ Horn □ Tires □ Steering/front end □ Interior lights □ Windshield/all glass □ Upholstery □ Windshield wipers, washers □ Floorboards/Floor mats □ Front and rear window ...

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