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Billings Adult Education Center 1 SYLLABICATION Syllabication is the act of breaking big words up into smaller parts so they can be pronounced and spelled more easily.


LEARNING SYLLABICATION THE FOUR WAYS TO DIVIDE WORDS INTO SYLLABLES 1 st Way - Divide between two middle consonants. Split up words that have two middle consonants.


Once students have worked through the 12 sets, they are ready to apply steps to longer words. Improving syllabication consciousness is a valuable spelling aid.

Scholastic Teaching Resources

Syllabication Activities T he following quick, fun activities can heighten students' awareness of syllable divisions (Carreker, 1999). ... The other contains the 322 Most Frequent Syllables in the 5,000 Most Common Words in English .


Some simple rules for dividing Spanish words: A. If one consonant is between vowels, that consonant marks the beginning of ____SYLLABICATION IN SPANISH

A Procedure to Teach Syllabication

A Procedure to Teach Syllabication . Purpose: This procedure is designed to help the student . develop the ability to syllabicate two-syllable words

Improving Decoding Skills and Strategies, Grades 6-8 ...

The sessions teach effective syllabication strategies to help students decode multisyllabic words and learn how to use morphemes to decode words and build vocabulary.

A Suggested Sequence for Teaching Vowel/Syllable Patterns

BCSD - Curriculum and Standards FastTrack Support Meeting Materials - Vowel Pattern Syllabication Strategies December 2010 Page 24 Using Words You Know (Patricia Cunningham) This activity is intended to increase students' awareness of visual patterns in spelling.

Research-Based Reading

"Directly teaching students how to pronounce and identify syllable units and then showing them how such units work in polysyllabic words appears to be a worthwhile component of syllabication instruction and should help reduce or remediate this source of reading difficulty among intermediate students" (p. 228).

Phonics Focus Advanced Week 2: Syllabication - Consonant + le

... Week at a glance: Guided Reading Level _____ Phonics Focus Advanced Week 2: Syllabication - Consonant + le MONDAY: * Reread previously read books * Read new books on an Independent Level - Level _____ * Timed Fluency Passage * Blending Consonant + le words (Use Group Word Sort cards.)

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