B. Objective(s): Student Will Be Able To (SWBAT)

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Flag Football Unit Plan

Affective Domain: Global Goal : SWBAT demonstrate and show leadership, cooperation, respect, and responsibility skills with peers during football activities while contributing within a team environment.


Unit 7 Plan 0809

SWBAT model real-world situations with systems of 2 equations. SWBAT identify solutions of systems of linear equations in 2 variables SWBAT solve systems of linear equations using tables and graphs.


H E A L T H & P H Y S I C A L E D U C A T I O N

Use warm, running water; Use liquid or pump soap whenever possible; Rub hands together for at least 20 seconds; Scrub in between fingers and under fingernails; Rinse, dry, and turn the faucet off using a towel SWBAT illustrate when to wash hands through a school -based advocacy campaign: Before ...


Section 2 B – Example Lesson Plan Templates for Support and ...

SWBAT demonstrate at least 3 effective support strategies through the game of “Ultimate Rugby” (rugby version of ultimate Frisbee). 2. SWBAT to comprehend that the ability of the passer to make a successful



SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM K-2 Team/Departmental Outcomes 1. SWBAT describe the characteristics of people, places, and environments. 2. SWBAT identify and locate physical features on maps, globes, and other geographical representations.


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2 Philosophy The study of a world language develops and encourages the communicative proficiency necessary in today's pluralistic society. It should foster understanding and tolerance of humanistic values in an evolving world.



SWBAT use the zeros of the function to factor a quadratic equation. 4.3.12.D.1, 4.3.12.D.2, 4.3.12.D.3. SWBAT solve word problems of system of equation


DRAFT---Black board Configuration (BBC) (Planning for English ...

Or SWBAT: Explain the first three stages of a revolution. Language Objective: SWBAT: Identify words that signal comparison or contrast. Use compare/contrast words in sentences.


Yellow Bird and Me Unit Plan Class: Reading/Language Arts ...

Yellow Bird and Me Unit Plan Class: Reading/Language Arts Time Frame: 3 Weeks reading; 1 week performance assessment Unit Goals: SWBAT describe the characters and setting; and explain the problems/resolutions in the story.


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