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As heat is removed from the liquid water it’s temperature will drop below it’s boiling (saturation) temperature. Water at 211 degrees has been subcooled by

Evaporator Superheat Control System Refrigeration Cycle ...

Specifically, an important parameter called "evaporator superheat" is accurately monitored and controlled to provide near-perfect evaporator heat absorption across a wide range of thermal load conditions.

systems using refrigerant superheat and subcooling

Super heating A basic vapor compression refrigeration system consists of four primary components: a metering device (e.g. a capillary tube, fixed orifice ... Be careful to insulate the thermocouple and use heat-conducting compound to minimize errors due to heat loss to ambient air.


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Solar Energy: The Power of the Sun

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Proper System Charging:

subcooling charging chart.xls. Step 1 - Locate unit required subcooling From unit nameplate or literature Typical 8-12° F. Step 2 - Measure liquid pressure - convert to temperature.

An Evaluation of Superheat-Based Refrigerant Charge ...

In addition, the heat transfer effectiveness from the subcooled refrigerant to the liquid line tubing wall is greater than that for the superheated refrigerant vapor to the suction line because of the higher specific heat of the liquid.


BASIC REFRIGERATION CYCLE Mechanical refrigeration is used to remove heat from a colder medium and reject it to a warmer medium by using the latent heat properties of the refrigerant.


Pocket refrigerant calculator converts pressure to temperature, temperature to pressure, This is a compact digital refrigerant Pressure/Temperature chart.

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