Summons in a Civil Action

AO 440 (Rev. 12/09) Summons in a Civil Action U NITED S TATES D ISTRICT C OURT for the _____ District of _____))))) Plaintiff v. Civil Action No. Defendant SUMMONS IN A CIVIL ACTION To: (Defendant's name and address) A lawsuit has been filed against you.

by the plaintiff. Actual allegations and the claim for relief ...

SUMMONS NOTICE TO THE DEFENDANT : In the name of the people of the State of Michigan you are notified: 1. You are being sued. 2. YOU HAVE 21 DAYS after receiving this summons to file a written answer with the court and serve a copy on the other party or take other lawful action with the court ...


summons (citacion judicial) for court use only notice to defendant: (aviso al demandado): (solo para uso de la corte) case number: (número del caso):

Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.910 (b ...

C-189 Instructions for Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.910(a), Summons: Personal Service on an Individual (9/00) INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLORIDA FAMILY LAW RULES OF PROCEDURE FORM 12.910(a), SUMMONS: PERSONAL SERVICE ON AN INDIVIDUAL When should this form be used?


SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF Plaintiff(s), Index No. Summons Date Index No. Purchased:-against-Defendant(s). To the above named Defendant(s) You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in this action and to serve a copy of your answer, or, if the complaint is not served ...

Civil Practice Division - New Jersey Judiciary

Defendant(s) CIVIL ACTION SUMMONS From The State of New Jersey To The Defendant(s) Named Above: The plaintiff, named above, has filed a lawsuit against you in the Superior Court of New Jersey.

NOTICE TO THE DEFENDANT: In the name of the people of the ...

SUMMONS Landlord-Tenant / Land Contract Case No. PROOF OF SERVICE TO PROCESS SERVER: You are to serve the summons and complaint and attachments as instructed.

How to Read a Summons

This is a sample summons for a debt collection lawsuit in the Kings County (Brooklyn) Civil Court. If you received a summons, you can use this guide to help you understand it.


File No. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Deputy CSC Assistant CSC Clerk Of Superior Court TO: TO: MAGISTRATE SUMMONS Plaintiff(s) (Over) VERSUS Defendant(s) County G.S. 7A-217, -232; 1A-1, Rule 4 In The General Court Of Justice District Court Division - Small Claims ALIAS AND PLURIES ...

SUMMONS (Family Law)

FL-110 SUMMONS (Family Law) NOTICE TO RESPONDENT (Name): FOR COURT USE ONLY (SÓLO PARA USO DE LA CORTE) You are being sued. Lo están demandando.

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