HUBER+SUHNER microwave cable assemblies of all types offer a long service life providing they are treated with the appropriate care and attention.

The second generation - BEA 16 universal machining unit

Press release The second generation - BEA 16 universal machining unit Following its successful launch SUHNER is presenting the BEA 16 spindle machining unit with an all new drive and control concept.


HUBER+SUHNER ® MOUNTING/GROUNDING INSTRUCTION Data Line Protector: 3414.99.0008 84016716 Document: 84016716_3414_99_0008 / Edition: 7 / 4745MAK Issued: 30 October 2006 Uncontrolled Copy Page 1/8 1 Product Description This HUBER+SUHNER data line protector has been designed to protect sensitive ...

HUBER+SUHNER® DATA SHEET Sencity Antenna: 1309.17.0089

HUBER+SUHNER ® DATA SHEET Sencity Antenna: 1309.17.0089 Rev.: K HUBER+SUHNER is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 WAIVER! It is exclusively in written agreements that we provide our customers with warrants and representations as to the technical specifications and/or the fitness for ...

Distributed Antenna Systems

Excellence in Connectivity Solutions Your partner for system solutions HUBER+SUHNER is a leading global supplier of components and connectivity solutions for mobile communication systems.

Practical abrasive solutions

Inside SUHNER(UK) LTD, Unit 1, Pool Road Business Centre, Nuneaton CV10 9AQ - telephone 024 7638 4333 - fax 024 7638 4777 - ISSUE 4 - May 2005 Roughing in half the time, and non-stop grinding. 2 Phil drives on with Suhner.

SUHNER Application News "Mirror Finishing of Brass"

Pressrelease SUHNER Application News "Mirror Finishing of Brass" Brilliant results in four steps Brass fulfils various functional and aesthetic tasks.

MONO master

1-9.pdf. ∅6 7730 min 550 mi n-1-1 S MONO master BEM6 A 20 ● Die Bearbeitungseinhei ten BEM 6 sind mite inemangebautenDrehstrommotor versehenunddeshalbautonomeinsetz-bar:-Eingebauter Vorschubmitintegriertem Ölbremszylinderfür Eil-und Arbeitsgang.

New in the SUHNER product range: the powerful electric wet ...

Pressrelease New in the SUHNER product range: the powerful electric wet grinding machine UXF 4-R A medium-class stone grinding machine with infinitely variable speed regulation Effective immediately, SUHNER's product range for stone processing is even more varied.


46 HUBER+SUHNER ELECTRONICS PRIVATE LIMITED market-leading products to be developed. By the end of 1996, products for the globally expanding telecommunications sector already accounted for over half of total turnover.

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