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Stylistics is the description and analysis of the vari ability of linguistic forms in actual language use. The concepts of ‘style’and ‘stylistic variation’in language


EA J OURNAL V OLUME 21 N O 2 85 Stylistics PETER VERDONK Oxford University Press 2002 REVIEWED BY BRYAN COLEBORNE Stylistics is generally regarded as the formal analysis of style and its variations in speech and writing.

Stylistics, fluency, and language teaching

3 Stylistics, fluency, and language teaching DAVID CRYSTAL Asserting the relevance of anything to language teaching is invariably a temerarious task, especially if one is a linguist, and not (except, perhaps, occasionally and mercenarily) a language teacher.

Pragmatics and stylistics

Noves SL. Revista de Sociolingüística Winter 2003 Pragmatics and stylistics by Vicent Salvador Abstract Consideration of linguistic variation is inherent to pragmatics, especially where such variation relates to contextual factors, an area where it ...

Stylistics: corpus approaches

Stylistics: Corpus Approaches Martin Wynne 1 Stylistics: corpus approaches Martin Wynne, Oxford University, 2005. Introduction Stylistics, which may be defined as the study of the language of literature, makes use of various tools of linguistic analysis.

Stylistics: An Over View of a Theory

J. Coil. Ans, King saud Univ., Vol., 9, pp. 33-41 (1982). Stylistics: An Over View of a Theory Ahmad K. Ardat, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English Department, College of Arts, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


1 Course : ENG 437 —STYLISTICS (LANGUAGE & LITERATURE) (3 Credits/compulsory) Course Duration : Three hours per week for 15 weeks (45 hours) as taught in 2009/2010 Session Lecturer : ALA BI , Victoria A. PhD, M. A. (Ilorin) , B. A. (Ibadan) E-mail : [email protected] com Office Location : Room ...

2 Style and the Scope of Stylistics

2 Style and the Scope of Stylistics The concept of style has a wide currency since it is applied to various spheres of human activity characteristic of an individual ( to have a personal style), a distinct personality ( the style of Hemingway ), periods ( the baroque style ), individual tone ... Note : les règles d ...

stylistics, these different subjects should not be confused; we should rather design and organize them according to their individual aims as well as their collective objec


Objectives You should be able to: 1. Define of the term stylistics 2. Explain the task of the stylistician 3. Explain the different phases of stylistic analysis 4.

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