What is a stye?

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Students, however, ignored the new name and the "Stupe" was eventually revitalized. Today The Stupe serves a variety of sandwiches and snack foods.

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Turpentine is used as a stupe. It is advis-able to smear skin with olive oil before renew-ing stupe.. Mustard is used in form of a plaster if a more powerful action is required; spread on linseed poultice; apply for twenty minutes for an adult, ten minutes for a child or weak person.


Stupe * IV - Kvalitativní studie zahrnující jasn* stanoven˝ cíl, teoretick˝ rámec, dobr˝ popis metodiky, popis metodiky anal˝zy dat, kvalitní diskusi a záv*ry. Stupe * V - Kvalitativní studie, kde chybí jasn˝ popis metod.

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The Palmetto

Additionally, the plant produces toxic organic chemicals capable of stupe-fying fish. It also produces skin-irritating and tumor-promoting esters.

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