Quick 'n Easy Stain Removal

This publication gives questions to ask yourself before removing stains and explains how to remove many stains from washable fabrics. What does the clothing care label say?

Solid Color Concrete Stain

•*Remove*mildew*stains*with*BEHR*N0. *62*PREMIUM*MILDEW*STAIN* REMOVER. *Follow*all*label*instructions. APPlICATIONS •*DO*NOT*THIN. *Stir*or*shake*before*applying.

Stain Removable Guide for Washable Fabrics

2-----The procedures described in this publication are appropriate for removing stains from washable fabric. Check the care label for recommended laundering procedures, and follow those instructions.

Special Stains Use in Fungal Infections - Abida Haque, MD ...

Connection 2010 | 187 Special Stains Use in Fungal Infections Abida Haque, MD Professor of Pathology Weill Medical School of Cornell University, New York


page 1 FINISHING WESTERN RED CEDAR SIDING - PAINTS & SOLID-COLOR STAINS By William C. Feist. Western Red Cedar (call it "cedar" for short) surfaces are finished for a variety of reasons.

Oil-Latex Redwood Stain • General Finish • For Patio ...

the wood surface and to remove light to medium stains caused by mold, mildew, algae & fungus. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry. Apply coating.


Colors: See Color Chart A-422 for standard colors. Available in CHROMIX ® Admixtures and LITHOCHROME ® Color Hardener colors. Custom colors available.

we strongly recommend testing a small area prior to full ...

TRIPLE-S CONCRETE ACID STAINS Comprehensive Technical Data SYNOPSIS Triple-S Concrete Acid Stains are acid based solutions designed to create beautiful colors on new or old


CONCRETE ACID STAINS Triple-S Chemical Products specializes in concrete acid stains, patinas and antiquing solutions for metals. We are a small and independent company based in Los Angeles, California for over 25 years.

Molecular Probes® Vybrant® DyeCycle™ Stains

Flow Cytometry Molecular Probes ® Vybrant ® DyeCycle ™ Stains Accurate live cell cycle analysis that leaves cells viable Precise— ¢ Accurate cell cycle analysis in living cells Safe— ¢ Low cytotoxicity for cell sorting and additional live cell experiments Flexible—C ¢ olors ...

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