How To Use A Spreadsheet

How To Use A Spreadsheet Excel ® for the Mac and PC-Windows by John D. Winter Most good spreadsheets have very similar capabilities, but the syntax of the commands differs slightly.


Spreadsheet Sensitivity Analysis

Spreadsheet Sensitivity Analysis Introduction Spreadsheets and the Case Projects The Dynamic Strategic Planning workbook is accompanied by a number of spreadsheet-based tools for data analysis.


A Simple Stock Valuation Spreadsheet

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP R Q 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Computerized Investing 12 Spreadsheet Corner are actually quite similar. They equate a stock’s price to a stream of future


Spreadsheet Management Not what you figured

*Spreadsheets: Balancing Convenience and Risk On February 28, 2008, Deloitte convened a Dbriefs webcast: Spreadsheets: Balancing Convenience and Risk.


Tools For Securing Your Spreadsheets

1 THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN University Audits Why Secure Spreadsheets? "As users of spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel ® or Lotus 1-2-3 ® have become more sophisticated, so have spreadsheets.


Moving Beyond the Limitations of Spreadsheets

PTC.com White Paper Moving Beyond the Limitations of SpreadsheetsPage 6of13 Spreadsheets require much testing for "mission-critical" usage. As a personal productivity application (i.e., where a user creates a spreadsheet solely for his or her own purposes), the spreadsheet has proven to be quite ...


Spreadsheets: A High-Risk Tool for Data Analysis

by creating complex formulas within the spreadsheet to get the results, for example: complex logical formulas, multiple cells referring to each other, ...


AuditNet - Auditor's Guide for Preparing, Documenting and ...

AuditNet obtained permission to update the guide for 2001 and include additional resources for spreadsheet auditing. The original guide used Lotus for the model.


How do you know your spreadsheet is right?

How do you know your spreadsheet is right? Page 2 and if some advanced feature will simplify your task, use it. Be wary of features just added to or changed in the newest version of Excel, where bugs are likeliest to lurk; for instance, the RAND function has changed with each version of Excel ...


Web Enabled Spreadsheet Based Insurance Quoting

Case Study - 2 - capabilities that RMA benefits from:-Elimination of the need to disseminate spreadsheets, only to send links created with Spread-sheetWEB-Ability to make changes to spreadsheet models without having to issue new files or links to their users.


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