patient’s leaflet. read carefully before using this medicine . the dispensing of this medicine requires . a physician’s prescription. spasmin


38 T. A. Lonergan been reported. Whether any of the shape changes in Euglena involve an actomyosin or spasmin-based contractile system remains to be elucidated.

Mechanics of Vorticella Contraction

The released Ca 2+ions bind toa 20 kDacalcium-binding protein called spasmin, which constitutes 40 to 60%of the spasmonemedry mass (12,13). Mechanics of Vorticella Contraction 3 As a result, ...

SUGI 25: The SAS SUBSTR Function - A Beginner's Tutorial

Paper 88-25 The SASSUBSTR Function-AB eginner'sTutorial PaulD. McDonald, SPIKEware, Inc., Schaumburg, IL ABSTRACT This paper is written for SAS Users and SAS Programmers of any experience level.

Pink Book Chapter 20. Tetanus - Vaccines Pink Book 12 Edition

spasmin. The function of tetanolysin is not known with certainty. Tetanospasmin is a neurotoxin and causes the clinical manifestations of tetanus.

Deb Cassidy, Dublin, OH

1 Paper 255-29 An Introduction to SAS Function-ality Deb Cassidy, Dublin, OH ABSTRACT A major advantage of SAS® over some other languages is the vast number of built-in functions that make it very easy to do a

Management and Prevention of Tetanus

... 107,000 and 43,000 d by the action of endogenous proteases. / e genetic factor controlling the production of tetano-spasmin is on a plasmid. / e tetanospasmin is formed by the germinated growing cells and is transported from the infected site to the axon terminals of the peripheral nerves. ...

Tetanus: An Overview

... where they can become vegetative and subsequently produce tetano-spasmin, a very potent neurotoxin. Spores become vegetative only if the oxygen tension of the local tissue is low, ...


Implicated in calcium binding and perhaps contraction is spasmin, the majorspasmoneme protein and a member of the EF-hand superfamily of calcium-binding proteins ( 9 ). ...

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He discovered the calcium binding protein spasmin, responsible for the fast contraction of Vorticella. Co -author (with L. A. Amos) of Molecules of the Cytoskeleton (MacMillan, 1991).

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